Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gordie and the Weather Tax

Apologies to Plautus and Terence

While personally, I’ve never been entirely convinced that every single cloud has a silver lining, there’s no denying most seem to and indeed, sometimes it’s some of the darkest.

Take the HST (- please! Yeah, I’m sorry, I know -I am taking it, thanks, Dave. Right up the wazoo. Don’t make it worse with the Henny Youngman, please already.)

Its true that Gordie Campbell and his branch of the Librano$ have gone right off the top board poll-wise of late. If this keeps up, BC Libs will find themselves jostling for space in the trash can of history with the likes of the Progressive Conservatives and the BC Socreds (oh, the rich, dripping irony of the Zalm being the hero of the anti-HST Resistance).

And its no doubt true they’ve more than earned their current predicament, the HST being but one of a by now all-too-familiar litany of lies. I doubt Gordie would give me the time of day but if he did, I wouldn’t believe him anyway.

Strange to contemplate then that it could all be worse for the Campbell Crew.

How, you ask?

Consider: lost in the uproar of the Hated Sales Tax’s July oneth launch was the latest ratcheting up of what could be called the Gaians’ Carbon Myth Tax, based as it is on their belief that C02 is a sort of toxin in the atmosphere, rather than something that makes green things grow. You know, an irrational belief instead of something based on actual science.

So much for keeping religion out of government, but I suppose its all a matter of whose religion is involved.

And, of course, unless you have been residing in a convent or depending solely on the sunset media for information, I don’t have to remind you of what the term “Climategate” refers to (myself, I prefer Climatequiddick) but let me remind you of this:

The government of BC continues to lighten your wallet on the basis of a complete fraud. And every year they’re going to grab more.

And how big a noise has there been? –cue: crickets …

Fortunately, in this day and age of the intrawebs and all that, we plebs can turn some heat on Gordie and Friends without waiting for the sunset media (hold not thy breath, ‘cause those hard nosed pros would have to fess up to having been sucked right in like suckers and that would suck, right?).

Think of it as forming up a virtual baying mob complete with torches, pitchforks, all that.

Here’s where email we’re supposed to believe Campbell reads goes:

Demand this BS tax be eliminated forthwith on pain of electoral consequences - i.e No vote for you!

If an email poo storm hits that address it won’t matter who’s there to receive, the message will be passed upwards.

And be sure to raise hell with the rest of the Lieberal caucus. If you live in one of the 24 constituencies where recall campaigns will be getting underway, remind “your” MLA of the bullseye on their back.

Gordie’s crew must be frantic to save their phony baloney jobs. They have to be convinced their only hope is to dump Campbell, both these taxes and hope the voters will forgive.
Its time to really tighten the screws on 'em.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pelalusa on the Dennis Miller Show

And he does an outstanding job of it. Well done, Robert.

A Glimpse of the Future?

"… 15 years in a re-education camp. Mister In North Burnaby was convicted in Human Rights Court of blogging inappropriate opinions on a number of protected diversity traditions including child marriage, honor killings and donkey shows.”

-cue: bumper (fade in)

“and - coming up after the break:

are earthquakes the work of djinns, or a sign of Gaia’s wrath? Shaykh Ahmad Shehab and David Suzuki will be here with guidance

then – the Ministry of Healthy Living is revising the eating regulations - what that will mean for your family’s mealtimes

all that and Fatima will have the weather and Ali will have another live report from the Hajj

stay tuned …”

Thursday, July 22, 2010

See If This Sounds Familiar

"Almost every post-war Tory victory had been won on slogans such as 'Britain Strong and Free' or 'Set The People Free'. But in the fine print of policy, and especially in government, the Tory Party merely pitched camp in the long march to the left. It never seriously tried to reverse it. ... We boasted of spending more money than Labour, not of restoring people to independence and self-reliance. The result of this style of accomodationist politics, as my colleague Keith Joseph complained, was that post-war politics became a 'socialist ratchet' - Labour moved Britain towards more statism; the Tories stood pat; and the next Labour Government moved the country a little further left. The Tories loosened the corset of socialism; they never removed it."
Thatcher, Margaret - The Downing Street Years; Harper Collins

Friday, July 16, 2010

Where There Is No Law Enforcement

Frontier Justice will fill the void.

Here, in microcosm, is what the Trudeaupian approach to crime and punishment has achieved in forty years: a drunken, seventeen year-old vandal out trashing cars is shot dead by a "known gang associate" at 3:15 am.

At 17, Adem Aliu would have known that he had, for 3 years, been considered sufficiently mature under Canerdian law to have sex with Swipe Robinson, but not to be held responsible for crimes. Indeed, he is being described by (*sigh*) RCMP (when will we be rid of them?) as having behaved "like a stupid child." Uh, no, stupid child is sticking chewing gum on the underside of the school desk, Dudley. Put the donut down and try again, 'This sort of thing can happen if you engage in high-risk criminal behaviors'. Something like that.

Predictably, the tributes are pouring in for the dead punk drunk. He's been described as "the nicest guy" by his friend, Ernest Giundza. One wonders how Aliu might have expressed his gratitude for and appreciation of being allowed to come here from the pest-hole known as Albania if he weren't such a "nice guy."
"Every time you needed help, he was always there." Does that mean Aliu was always there to help Giundza destroy other people's property? By holding his drink, perhaps? "He would do anything for you." Except not trash your car. "Giundza said that as far as he knew, Adem wasn't mixed up in drugs." Doesn't alcohol count?

Note how the Global report keeps using the first name. Why not call him "Poor little Adem" and be done with it?
Seventeen year olds pretended they were older so they could go off and fight Hitler not that awfully long ago. How times have changed.
And how screwed up have things become when a waste of skin like this rates a Facebook tribute page?

Personally, I've not noticed any shortage of assholes, imported or otherwise, and if some of Aliu's currently surviving pals get to "thinking" (to whatever degree they may be capable) that they could get plugged next, perhaps they'll mind their manners. If that's what it takes, then so be it, because officialdumb ain't gonna do SFA.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canerduh Day, BC!!

Hey, BC, you sure love Canada don't you? Yeah, wave that flag.

So your kid can't grow up to be Prime Minister
or a Supreme Court Justice

So your vote is worth a steadily diminishing fraction of that of someone in Lower Canerduh and the Welfare Provinces and the "federal" election is over by the time the polls close here

So the Senate is stacked against BC even worse than the House of the Common People is

So you pay sky high prices for gas from BC and Alberta oil to subsidize lower gas prices in Upper and Lower Canerduh and the Welfare Provinces

So BC's shipbuilding industry has been moved to Quebec;
paid for by you

So billions of tax dollars you send east every year nets BC all of the above plus the finger from Trudeau, lies from Mulroney, snotty remarks from Chr├ętien ...
and so on and on

So what?

You love Canada

Cause Mr HST's endorsement is good enuff for you, right?