Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RINOs, Red Tories and Wets! Oh My!

"What do you mean, he's a rhino, Grandpa?"
Well, I explained of course, that its RINO - Republican in Name Only- that I meant. And I explained that in Canada they're called Progressive Conservatives or Red Tories (pass the sick bag, Ethel), while in the UK, Margaret Thatcher's term "wets" sums such pathetic creatures up rather well, but let's let the Iron Lady herself elaborate:
"Jim Prior was an example of a political type that had dominated and, in my view, damaged the post-war Tory Party. I call such figures 'the false squire'. They have all the outward show of a John Bull -ruddy face, white hair, bluff manner - but inwardly they are political calculators who see the task of Conservatives as one of retreating gracefully before the Left's inevitable advance. Retreat as a tactic is sometimes necessary; retreat as a settled policy eats at the soul. In order to justify the series of defeats that his philosophy entails, the false squire has to persuade rank-and-file Conservatives and indeed himself that advance is impossible. His whole political life would, after all, be a gigantic mistake if a policy of positive Tory reform turned out to be both practical and popular."
Thatcher, Margaret, The Downing Street Years pg 104.

"Wet" she explains, "is a pubic schoolboy term meaning 'feeble' or 'timid', as in 'he is so wet you could shoot snipe off him'.
So let's see about translation. I suggest that here we might say, 'He is so Progressive Conservative you could steal his appendix.'
Works for me.

Celebrate Diversity! Christy's Punjabi Pandering Goes Sideways

Outgoing Premier Hockey Mom is assuring anyone who'll listen she's "shocked" that Jaspal Singh Atwal, a Sikh "warrior" (not unlike those brave warriors who blew up Air India Flight 182, one supposes) with attempted murder on his rap sheet, was an honored, invited guest at the Budget Speech last week.

Christy of course is a Paul Martin Fed Fiberal, whose ties to such charming groups as the Tamil Tigers have been well documented. In short, they'll do a deal with any devil for a vote or two.

Nice try, Christy, but that brown stuff on your shoe really doesn't smell like chocolate ice cream from here.

Alex G. Tsakumis has the 411 on this.

Our Legends of the Left Series Debuts

Pol Pot was a man with a plan.

Not unlike his contemporary and fellow leftist intellectual Pierre Trudeau, Pot found his home and native land, Cambodia in this case, not at all to his tastes and decided on a teardown-rebuild, along lines inspired by his hero Mao Tse Tung.

In a move that must make Gregor Robertson giddy to contemplate, in 1975 (or "Year Zero" as he dubbed it) PP decreed that henceforth everyone in Cambodia would be a farmer, and as he and his Khmer Rouge party had taken the country beyond politics and divisiveness, buy-in was to be 100%.

Net result- a reduction in Cambodia’s carbon footprint to warm the cockles of Maurice Strong's liver, due in no small part to about a quarter of the country’s population receiving the final leftist sacrament - euthanasia.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And I'll Have the Sweet and Sour Earmuffs, Please ...

Karen So is smart and Chinese. Christy Clark isn't.

My spies tell me outgoing Premier Christy provided a laff at Saturday's S.U.C.C.E.S.S gala. Digging in to her usual combo for one of hubris and duh, Herself decided to further suck up to the audience (whom she reminded of the $15 million in taxpayers' dough she's shoveled their way) and show off her Cantonese too.
Apparently attempting to say "The Liberal Party cuts taxes", this daft girl (as my Gran would have styled her) managed to inform them that "the Liberal Party is pretty bad".
Come to think of it, maybe its English that Christy should avoid speaking after all. She's not nearly so truthful as she is in Cantonese.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Believe It or Not! Killer on Death Row Doesn't Wanna Die

Convicted Canadian thrill killer Ronald Smith, doesn't want to die. Maybe he figures the two guys he murdered just for the hell of it did, it sure sounds like it, to hear this POS whine.
Now Ronnie figures Ottawa's not done enuff to get him off the hook.

""It bothered me. There was no need to make it a point that: ", whimpers Ronnie. "'We're being forced into this.' Come on, really? Am I that horrible a person ...?"

Uh, yes, actually, you are, Ronnie.

""I feel a little bit of both (anger and hurt)," Smith said. "They (the federal govt) don't know me. They're taking a look at what happened to me all that time ago." ...

Happened to whom, Ronnie? You? You should rot in hell, Ronnie. Bill Graveland can mourn you.

Me, I'd throw the switch.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Good, More Liberal Fascism

Never doubt the BC Liberals devotion to the Almighty God-State.
Could the world be on the brink of economic catastrophe? No matter, Mike de Jong, BC's Minister of Health and Growing the Government, has announced that BC will have a Widow Saver-General to join our Child Saver-General in yelling for more and more statism ensuring extra special TLC for their respective sacralized groups.
Rest assured no taxpayer expense will be spared in creating Heaven On Earth for us all, right from the day we're not aborted to the day we're euthanized.
Watch for the Women's Advocate, the Aboriginals' Advocate, the Persons with Disabilities Advocate, the Environment Advocate, the Anti-Islamophobia Advocate, the Animal Rights Advocate ...