Monday, May 20, 2013

No, This isn't the Land of Mordor

Although you could be forgiven for thinking it is. No, this is a wee bit o' North Burnaby, south and east around the foot of Burnaby Mountain from my place.
This devastated landscape results from the presence of not one, but two pipelines, one gas, one oil.

Gut-wrenching to look at, I know, but I'm such a slave to fashion that well, I just must "raise your awareness", mustn't I?

Hello, Kitimat.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gee, Big Props to the Sedin Twins For Sure

The hockey world is singing the praises of the brothers from Örnsköldsvik after they led Sweden to a World Championship Sunday in Stockholm.
Golly, its really something to see what these two can do when they're motivated, when they really give a poop.
Unlike, say, oh, for example, how they play for the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Good thing management has the team married to them for another two years year* at stupid money.
Congrats on that too, guys.

*Thanks to TEAM 1040's Matt Baker for pointing out its only (well ... ) one more year.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Klahowya, Elijah Harper

He will be a legend.

I understand this graffito was a common sight in Manitoba in the day,
and I'd like to echo that. Yeah, thanks, Elijah. Mîkwêc. Hyas mahsi.

pic courtesy of buddy/reader Allen R.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've Never Been So Happy To Have Been Wrong

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! This shower of socialists lost. Well done BC. I'm so proud.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Speaking of #ChristyClarkDrivingSchool (and recycling)

Clearly, she learned her lessons well. Just like the Zalm, she's going to turn BC over to the tender mercies of the No Damn Prosperity Party. Heaven help us.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Victory for Acceptance and Inclusion

Human rights advocates are applauding Poughkeepsie Sasquatches defenceman Owen Weirdeau who has come out as the first openly deft professional athlete.
Weirdeau, who appeared at a press conference called by the team, was accompanied by his partner, Poopsie, who declined to speak.
"There's still so much rampant coprophobia out there," said the Toronto native. "People use horrible words like "coprophilia", they think like we're mentally ill, like what we do is sick and disgusting somehow, like its something abnormal. Like we need treatment or something."
Democrat US Senator Dianne Feinstein immediately pledged to introduce legislation recognizing the right of the deft community to marry their partners.
"There is absolutely no reason marriage should be so narrowly defined as being between humans and the animate." Feinstein declared at an ACLU rally in Altoona. "Nothing can be a higher priority than addressing this horrible injustice."
In Ottawa, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, addressing an audience of elementary school students, called on Stephen Harper to "quit destroying Canada for at least as long as it takes to recognize deft marriage as an inalienated, university human right."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Wanna Write for the MSM

"There's no whore like an old whore." - Brian Mulroney (telling the truth for a change)

After all, money is money. And hey, what the heck, I've been involved with, gulp, TV and radio ad jingles (may G-d forgive me), so how much lower is there to go?
I can do this. How bout some briefs?...

Republican Senator Greg Ball wants to torture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the child charged in the Boston Marathon incident. Critics say Senator Ball, a Republican, is typical of the cruelty inherent in the Republican Party.

Investigators have been questioning Dzhokhar Tsarnaev about what drove he and his brother to act out in such an unfortunate way. So far, all that's known for sure is it all had nothing to do with a great Religion of Peace™.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Leader and son of the late, great Prime Minister, wowed yet another adoring throng of average Canadians at Carleton University yesterday. Analysts say Trudeau's clearly vast intelligence, deep insight and grasp of issues are keys to his universal appeal.

CAIR-Canada is concerned the recent incidents involving the Boston Marathon and Via Rail will only add to the epidemic of Islamophobic attacks the vast majority of Muslims are already enduring. They're recommending Canada adopt Shariah law as a remedy. Many leading analysts agree.

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian people have many leading analysts wondering what it will take for Israel to finally agree to peace in the Middle East.
By George, I think I've got it!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Feel Like Posting a Whole Lotta Hate

Infidels are your sworn enemies (Sura 4:101).
Be ruthless to the infidels (Sura 48:29).
Make war on the infidels who dwell around you (Sura 9:123, 66:9).
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (Sura 9:29).
Strike off the heads of infidels in battle (Sura 47:4).
If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him (al-Bukhari 9:84:57).
Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends (Sura 5:51, 60:13).
Never be a helper to the disbelievers (Sura 28:86).
Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191).
No Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel (al-Bukhari 1:3:111).

Come and get me, coppers!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mainstream? Not Even Close

So, 98% of British Columbians don't play along with Live Like North Korea Hour despite its relentless hyping by the so-called "mainstream media".
In Alberta, its the proverbial lead balloon. Again.

While, here in Burnaby, out of about 300,000 people, the same "almost 200" (wow!) who don't like pipelines, get top of the news coverage from the local "MSM" of their every utterance and stunt.

Time and again I notice something, and I know I'm not alone. The so-called "mainstream media" really aren't mainstream at all, are they?

I mean, come on, the numbers would dictate (demonstrated public interest = sponsors. And the reverse is true) that Gaia Worshipers' Self-Flagellation Hour should have merited no more than a passing mention at most, not the in your face biggest-damn-thing-imaginable treatment it and its associated week, day, fortnight etc. recieve from the soi-disant "mainstream" media.

These fringe loony events are clearly not all that interesting or meaningful to the overwhelming preponderance of the populace (who have their heads screwed on straight. Well, straighter at least.)

Ninety-eight percent of British Columbians gave Lets Live Medieval Hour a pass.
So, what wasn't covered by the "MSM" while they were giving Maurice Strong Hour (I got a million of 'em) coverage worthy of a manned landing on Mars? That meets a welcoming committee.

And when it comes to pipeline expansion, the story is clearly that Burnaby is fine with it.
300,000 to 200.

You know, someone's going to have to come up with a better handle, just the right handle, for this bunch as they dodder off to the trash can of history. Twitter might be just the medium, you know #NewNameForMainstreamMedia sort of thing.

Hmmmmm, let's see, Dinomedia? Sunset Media? Progprop Media? Last Century Media? That's a bit long. Nicely descriptive, though ... Flushing Themselves Media ... Huh? Oh, right, sorry. Anyway,

Let me nutshell this, its about perspective. Take another look at that pic up top.

Yeah, so, its a pic of Roger Daltrey, right?


You see Roger Daltrey.

Not some damn fringe.

 ... Fringe Media?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time for a Car and Blunt Object Ban!

America simply must confront it's toxic culture of car and blunt object worship. Won't someone think of the WallyWorld shoppers?! How big a car do you need? Why on Earth would you think you need blunt objects? Hammers? Golf Clubs? Baseball bats? Why? Why? You're an idiot!!

Hey, if I keep this up, maybe I can get on Piers Morgan's show. He has a few more viewers than this blog. And if Jim Carrey makes another one of his oh-so-funny-edgy-daring videos, well ...

Shocker! Teachers Crooked Too

Three dozen of these soi-disant "educators" busted for fiddling test scores for profit. Fiddling makes a change from diddling, the kids that is, I suppose.
Notice how they're always so fat?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Behold the Bama Voter - No Hate Here!

And you have to be impresssed with how eloquently @GRYKING argues his case, his obviously profound grasp of *snort*

Saturday, March 23, 2013

When Even a Lefty Brit is Catching On ...

UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg punches himself after blurting "wogs" during presser

Lefty David Goodhart in the Mail Online:

... gradually, I have changed my mind.

Over 18 months of touring the country to talk to people about their lives for a new book, I have discovered minority Britons thriving more than many liberals suppose possible. But I also saw the mess of division and conflict we have got ourselves into in other places.

I am now convinced that public opinion is right and Britain has had too much immigration too quickly.
For 30 years, the Left has blinded itself with sentiment about diversity. But we got it wrong. ...

Well, better far too late than never, Dave. Right? 


Of course, for "immigration" we could sub any number of issues and the piece would still be oh so true, n'est pas? 

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet Happy Harry

Check out this Scots git less-than-droll-troll, Happy Harry. Harry has Bush Derangement Syndrome big time.

and likes to pester conservatives.
When he's not spewing hate, and displaying the typical lefty's destructive, violent tendencies:

Harry likes to denounce the hatefulness of others, like "right wingers", "racists"... oh, and

But is Harry feeling the strain of all the attention he's getting?

Won't do any good having a gun if somebody 'wot the place burn down with you in it', Harry.
Say, why don't we all drop Harry a tweet or six?
Have fun.

New Pope Learning the Ropes Quickly

So, some people got all excited over nothing.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pee Es Eh?

Hi, I'm David in North Burnaby. There's a Provincial election in May and we want everybody's voice heard, including stupid people, the uninformed, substance abusers, and of course, all you folks who just want lots more free stuff.
Registration is childishly simple, yet vast swathes of you haven't managed it yet, so I'll save us all a lot of time.
As an alternative, you can use the name and address of a female neighbour whom you know doesn't vote. Don't worry, you'll have lots to choose from. Ask around casually, you'll see. Just be sure to wear a burqa to the polling station.
Always works for me.

Enforcing Immigration Laws - On TV Yet! Why,

So say the usual suspects ...

But Probably Not Proofreading, Right?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here's the Pitch ...

Okay, prepare to be blown away. One word title - "ASSASSINATION". We shoot docu style, mix talking heads, cgi, clips all that stuff and create like a parallel reality where President Obama's been blown up by a suicide bomber; al Qaeda are claiming respons ... oh, but, I was just getting to the best ... oh, right sure, of course; Well, thanks very much for your ... yes the door is just here bye.

A Very Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Our tradition continues: Here's the Pogues and the Dubliners
joining forces for an auld favorite - The Irish Rover.
Éirinn go Brách!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Okay, I'm Gonna Try This ...

It worked! And yes, I see where I misspelled "cognitive". What can I sae?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Allow Me to Illustrate

You see, while this might well be considered "ridiculing", perhaps "belittling", perhaps even both, there's no way it constitutes anything to do with anything like "extreme detestation". So, while the truth is now no defense, as we now know, this pic is nonetheless currently Kosher in Canerduh.
So you can govern yourself (ironic phrase to use, n'est pas?) accordingly.

And watch for future wise rulings from Canerduh's exalted High (careful!) Court including:
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength ...
All part of the service.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wise, Spiritual Africans With So Much To Teach Us Alert!

South Africa: Eight-year-old schoolboy "marries" mum of five, sixty-one, to "please the ancestors"

Well, I'm certain this is exactly the sort of thing we would all want our descendants to be getting up to. Don't the happy couple just look thrilled, too?
And hey, there's certainly nothing stomach-turningly creepy about this, is there?
Of course, by now you're thinking 'this'll be happening here before you know it' and you're probably right.

I find myself wondering how much Trudeau 2.0 will charge to speak at the reception.

from the comments:

JackieManto - If Obama had a son he would look just like this little groom.

I'm Gonna Have to Block This Guy

 He just won't stop calling.
(language warning)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Terry Glavin Carves Saddam's New Roomie in Hell

I'll say this, it isn't often you see a turkey and a budgie get along so well. Anyway ...

"... He leaves behind a broken and corrupted judiciary, the upper echelons of the country’s armed forces infested with drug lords, millions of Venezuelans living in fear of the knock on the door in the night, a currency worth only a fifth of what it was a decade ago, food shortages, crumbling roads, collapsing bridges, crippling inflation, ballooning deficits, a rigged currency, an epidemic of street crime, and rolling electricity blackouts. ...
 ... But he did cut quite a dash in that red uniform, didn’t he? ...
... an investigation by Reporters Without Borders found that his regime was “gradually eliminating all forms of checks and balances and democratic opposition, especially the press,”..."
That last bit sure sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Do read it all.

RIP Stompin Tom Connors

The world has lost a good guy and a true original who did it his way.

Caleb McMillan - Free Pass to Lake Louise and Nakiska? Just Wear Your Work Uniform

Caleb983 (see blogroll)  over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute:
 ... right now eight RCMP goons are hitting the slopes to bust ski-bums with measly amounts of marijuana and water-bottles filled with watered down vodka. ...
... The other important thing to note is the nature of this program: it’s volunteer work. The RCMP are required to volunteer some of their off-duty time in the community. Typically, this has been in soup-kitchens or at the Salvation Army. It seems that eight guys with guns have found a loophole to this pesky community service problem by creating a “need” for police presence at ski-hills. A place where there is absolutely no need for this kind of enforcement.  ...

Not a bad gig if you can get it, Dudley.

Ann Coulter; From Both Sides of Her Mouth

Free people are not in the habit of providing reasons why they "need" something like firearms simply because the government wants to ban it. That's true of anything, well, I mean, not something like marijuana of course, that's way different. ... ... We're clear? 'k. Is it five o'clock yet? Oh, thank heaven, I need a drink.

Egyptian Scholar: Christian Copts Must Pay Jizya

... “If non-Muslims were to learn the meaning of ‘jizya,’ they would ask for it to be applied — and we will apply it, just like Islam commands us to.” His logic is that, if Christians pay the jizya, they would buy for themselves “protection,” hence why they themselves should want to pay it. ...
How does that strike you? Sound good? You know, you get to cower in the market square while you pay your jizya. Whaddya think? Hmm? Hmm?
Of course, if you don't happen to be a Christian, then your choices become Islam or death, no paying the jizya for you. So there's that.

Check it all out over at the PJ Tatler.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Queen's Icky Tum Stirs Bigears Fears

Seems even the Brits are less than thrilled at the prospect of "Prince" Bigears taking over.

... he is making the Royal family seem less like a stately and dignified ceremonial presence, and more like a cross between a fogey-hippy crossover activist group and a vast whole-foods retail company. Without the goodwill that the Queen generates, a Charles-headed monarchy will be subject to both mistrust and ridicule.

"Ridicule"?? The Royals?? Shocking! What sort of, of, churl could be so, well, churlish, as to ever even dream of doing such a thing?

Update! -

Sticking to the Script

Hi, I'm (name of well-meaning, low info jock) of your (well-meaning low info team).

Misandry Canada guesstimates that 74.2% of Canadian women will be brutally murdered by at least three male family members in their lifetime. And the rest will be raped by 87% of the males they know.

Help end the silence disguised as incessant chatter and ubiquitous signage.
Guys, why not turn yourself in at a your local re-education center? And consider castration, chemical or otherwise. Its the least we can do.

Because we're scum, guys, dangerous scum.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Illegal in the UK Series Continues

This postcard, featuring the Canny Scot, has been in the family for quite some time now. When I was a little kid long ago (and my Scottish Gran was still with us), I thought it was pretty funny (and so did Gran), but now of course ... I think its pretty funny.
But of course, nowadays, the country where these were once produced and laffed at will haul you into court for doing so.

I keep asking - We saved these people from the Nazis -Why?

UPDATE! - Like I keep saying -The fascists lost the war but they're winning the peace.


Eye on a Crazy Planet: Uber-feminists at Jezebel pick the ideal "Male Feminist" - a clinically depressed junkie who blew his brains out

Eye on a Crazy Planet: Uber-feminists at Jezebel pick the ideal "Male Feminist" - a clinically depressed junkie who blew his brains out

BCTF Perverts Won't Stop Grooming Your Kids

 BCTF Hall of Famers Christopher Neil and Chi Yung Luu

"What did you want?"
 "Dirty books. I'm gonna hand 'em out to the class. Heh"

Always remember, no group molests more children every year than schoolteachers.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pope Benny Skedaddles

Nothing at all fishy about the timing. Besides, Popes quit all the time, right?

Terry Glavin Blows Up Trudeau the Younger

My favorite lefty (see blogroll) on the prize specimen above:

...someone it would not be entirely wrong to call a largely talentless and insufferably foppish celebrity drama queen. 
... merely a strangely pretty 41-year-old former snowboarding instructor who would be wholly unknown to all of us if he weren’t the son of a famously glamorous Canadian prime minister.
... a guy who was boasting, as recently as 2001: “I don’t read newspapers. I don’t watch the news. I figure, if something happens, someone will tell me.” ...

And Terry's just getting warmed up there. See, this is what you get when someone who's really smart takes a scalpel to someone who isn't.

Do read it all.

UPDATE! Step by step, inexorably, Trudeau 2.0 is advancing towards his destiny as PM du Canerduh.  

Just like Daddy.

Pass the sick bag, Ethel. And remember, you read it here first.

Canada Sucks: Episode MMDCCLXIII

Truth is Now Officially a Hate Fact in Canerduh.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

 Now, I wouldn't for a moment dream of exposing the Trudeaupian fascists wise, exalted Supreme Court Justices who have vomited forth bestowed upon us all this wise ruling to anything like "extreme detestation" (I'm no Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, fts) but I believe I can (currently) get away with "belittling and ridiculing". For now. We'll see how the universe unfolds from here.

Won't we.

Sheesh, Some People Sure Aren't Patriotic

BC labor unions clearly don't know or don't care that importing low cost, low maintenance coolies is a time-honored canerdian tradition.

cue: Gordie Stinkfoot - Canerdian Railroad Toolongsong

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Bully is Dealt With

Nota bene: No fascist, self-righteous, feel-good-accomplish-dick-all dogooders and their thralls all wearing compulsory pink shirts were involved. Just some well-applied violence.

Meanwhile, in

The truth will get her flamed department 

Five Feet of Fury nails the meaning of this oh-so-glorious day (*snort*) in one pithy tweet:

Joe Biden is a World Class Dumbass

Exhibit ... hmmmm ... I've lost count.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canada Sucks: Episode MMDCCLXII

So, let's see, imperial hq figure to save $700k a year by closing the Kits Coast Guard Base. This is the same bunch of prudent, wise managers of extorted taxpayers dough who have no problem blowing a billion dollars a year (you read that correctly-billion) on Heritage Canerduh.
So, as your boat is sinking into English Bay beneath you, take comfort in the knowledge that no-one went without a free maple leaf flag or Canada Council grant just to save your west-of-the-Lakehead backside.

UPDATE! What's all this then, Mr Harper?
UPDATE to the UPDATE! Once again, Alex G Tsakumis sorts the 411 out from the bovine excrement. 

So to summarize, Canada sucks (still), Christy continues to be a ditz and (shocker!) Kerry Jang has been economical with the truth, to say the least.

Iowahawk Has the Plan to Save Detroit

And hey, its not like anyone else can figure what to do what that mess.