Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lebanon Falls to Hizballah

Well, that didn't take long. Oh, and don't hold your breath waiting for Lebanon to be transformed into one of those rumored "moderate" Islamic states. If any sort of "stability" (by Lebanon's standards) comes about, watch instead for something more along the lines of Afghanistan under the Taliban. Its going to be ugly.
Details and perspectives from
and Al Jazeera:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Why My Yankees Continue to Suck

Its A Rod's fault ...
Its Jeter's fault ...
George meddles too much ...
Joe's gotta go ...

The one constant through it all has been Cashman. Which begs the question:
Why does this man still have a job?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dudley Does It Again

David Glenn Moody, all 5' 6" 140lbs of him, fought off more than one RCMP member according to reports, and escaped after a Mission, BC RCMP member took him outside the detachment for a smoke.
May I suggest that, since the RCMP have such a dismal record of "getting their man" in the first place, that they then not proceed to put themselves in a position where their obvious lack of physical conditioning and training will result in yet more dangerous criminals roaming free to prey on the rest of us? Thanks a lot, Dudley.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lebanon Heading for Civil War?

The exceptionally reliable Debkafile's sources are reporting that "Pro-Western Siniora government and Iran-Syria-backed Hizballah forces exchanged fire in the streets of Beirut Wednesday, May 7."

Both sides are apparently calling up all the fighters they can muster. Worse yet, "Hizballah fighters clad in national army and police uniforms are infiltrating government party strongholds in the capital to seize control."

Hizballah infiltrating the apparatus of the crumbling Lebanese government, laying seige to the Beirut airport and worst of all, beefing up their missile network with a "secret underground telecommunications system" with the help of Iran.

Just when you thought the news from the Middle East couldn't get worse ...