Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lebanon Heading for Civil War?

The exceptionally reliable Debkafile's sources are reporting that "Pro-Western Siniora government and Iran-Syria-backed Hizballah forces exchanged fire in the streets of Beirut Wednesday, May 7."

Both sides are apparently calling up all the fighters they can muster. Worse yet, "Hizballah fighters clad in national army and police uniforms are infiltrating government party strongholds in the capital to seize control."

Hizballah infiltrating the apparatus of the crumbling Lebanese government, laying seige to the Beirut airport and worst of all, beefing up their missile network with a "secret underground telecommunications system" with the help of Iran.

Just when you thought the news from the Middle East couldn't get worse ...

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PelaLusa said...

I can't stop wondering if mental disease is widely rampant amongst Canadians when I hear & see so many criticizing the U.S. and Israel for every problem in the Middle East but these same people absolutely refusing to blame Iran et al.