Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dudley Does It Again

David Glenn Moody, all 5' 6" 140lbs of him, fought off more than one RCMP member according to reports, and escaped after a Mission, BC RCMP member took him outside the detachment for a smoke.
May I suggest that, since the RCMP have such a dismal record of "getting their man" in the first place, that they then not proceed to put themselves in a position where their obvious lack of physical conditioning and training will result in yet more dangerous criminals roaming free to prey on the rest of us? Thanks a lot, Dudley.

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FedUp said...

Well actually it's your fault. By you I mean all the persons who demanded that anybody can do any job and anybody that says no is discriminating by size, weight, age etc. Was this the 52 year old male hired by the RCMP as a regular patrol officer? Or was this the 240 lb female bi-polar? good thing he was not tasered. Ooooh geee whizzzz

All the feel good left wing, no bounds, PC, BS as thrust upon us by the usual crowd of wannabees has led us to this point.

Too small to be a fireman? No problem we will lower the qualifications physically. Are you a minority? Well please join our cultural mosaic of the police department to keep up our numbers regardless of whether or not you can actually do the job. No degree? No problem. Bad eyesight? No problem. Old? No problem. Scared of the dark? No problem.

Quit expecting the police to do the job when you have denied them the very people that can.