Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Actually, This is Good News, Right?

Iranian 'students' rampage in Tehran.

DEBKAfile are reporting that the Gulf Cooperation Council, led by the Saudis, have given up hope of the US dealing with Iran's plans to go nuke and will themselves "defend the oil emirates" by military action if necessary.

Saudi King Abdullah reportedly also told US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on April 6 and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon a week later, that he (the king of Saud) "could not forgive the Americans for throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the wolves in Cairo and for the unrest they were promoting against Arab regimes."

For their part, Iran has "beefed up its strength along the Pakistani border to warn Islamabad that if it matters come to a clash with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and its military will not escape punishment."
At the same time, thousands of Iranian 'students', mobilized by the Revolutionary Guards and Basijj voluntary corps have laid siege to the Saudi embassy in Tehran for most of the past week, complete with firebombs.

Of course, the whole Arab-Persian thing predates the Old Testament, so the idea of a nuclear Persia is not one the Arabs will view with any relish.
Myself, I figure any time any parts of the "Muslim world" go after each other, they're less likely to go after the rest of us.

Oh, and note the irony, the Saudis and their neighbors are unhappy because the US and the Israelis are not "interfering" in the region's affairs.

They should make up their minds already. Sheesh.

Barry One Note and the Beat Goes On

Another Day, Another Enraged Imam

The oddly-named "imam" Steve Rockwell, from that TV network no-one watches, is reportedly very upset with Ezra Levant for airing the Danish Motoons, these ones:

on his new Sun News show.

I'm not sure, but I think Steve is the same guy who says its offensive for non-Muslims, like myself, to quote the Koran, like this:

Infidels are your sworn enemies (Sura 4:101)
Be ruthless to the infidels (Sura 48:29)
Make war on the infidels who dwell around you (Sura 9:123, 66:9)
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (Sura 9:29)
Strike off the heads of infidels in battle (Sura 47:4)
Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends (Sura 5:51, 60:13)
Never be a helper to the disbelievers (Sura 28:86)
Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191)
I wonder if that's as offensive as quoting the Satanic Verses:

Have you thought of Allat and al-'Uzza and Manat the third, the other?
These are the exalted Gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for. Sura 53 ("Satan's Version")

And what's more, Steve warns of "consequences" to arousing his ire. Gosh, do you think maybe Steve will blow himself up in a mall or something?

BC NDP Turn Harder Left

Friday, April 15, 2011

George Jonas Outdoes Himself

" ... What is the issue in this election? Why, the same as in all elections, my libertarian self exclaims. In the last 45 years, the only question has been whether the government implementing the NDP's policies will be Liberal or Conservative. ...

The NDP may do abysmally in federal elections, but the NDP's ideas flourish. ...

Canada is governed from the middle, yes, but the middle is on the left. The politicians who form our next government will be statist -- socialists in all but name -- because there are no other kinds running. Our statists may vary in degree, but not in kind. Since the 1960s, classical liberals or conservatives either haven't entered the arena or changed their policies afterwards. They wouldn't have had a chance otherwise.

Here's the irony, though: If socialists called themselves socialists, they wouldn't stand a chance either. Canadians are funny that way. They'll buy nothing but socialist policies and practices, but never from socialists. Calling things what they are isn't politically polite in Canada.

In the tradition of Orwell's Newspeak, in Canadian English the word "free" denotes a prohibition, as in "smoke-free environment." Canadians call laws and institutions that deny people fundamental freedoms of conscience, expression, and association "human rights" laws and commissions. In this eccentric world, going to the polls is like skeet-shooting in a stiff breeze: A vote for Stephen is a vote for Michael. ..."


Hmmm, an empire pretending to be a federation, a quasi-pseudo-semi-elected dictatorship pretending its not ... yes, George, the Empire of the Canadians is quite the "eccentric world", where little or nothing is as advertized.

Singing From the Same Songbook

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roger's Arena

"The Rog". You know, all of a sudden, I've really taken to that name.

So Sle-e-e-e-epy So zzzzzzzzzz .........

So, Trudeau Was Really Really Smart, Right?

It’s become as entrenched an element of Canadian mythology as “inventing hockey” and the undoubted sainthood of that shrill, self-satisfied little socialist scold, Commy Douglas (cue: choir).
As one who endured every excruciating moment of the great philosopher king’s seemingly interminable reign, I just never saw it. At the time, the LSM and his other acolytes and assorted lickspittles assured us their hero was a bloody intellectual giant. Very, very much like their successors’ treatment of Obamessiah, but I (similarly) never saw it.
Did he possess a certain animal cunning crucial for success in politics? Undoubtedly, and the record shows just that. Was he contemptuous in the extreme of those who disagreed with the fashionable left-wing notions he embraced? Oh, yeah.
But the brilliant mind, the soaring intellect that nowadays even Red Tories (ick) at least feel they must make obeisance to ?
I just never saw it.
But, now, here’s an idea: PET, as he was shorthanded, made no secret of his disdain for Canada and Canadians and set about remaking it all into his own idea of Utopia; indeed many term the result “Trudeaupia”. Lets ‘look upon his works’, shall we, and see how he did?
Let’s see now, in no particular order:
♫Imagine all the people sharing all the world♪ Ah, multiculturalism, the cult of multi culti - an unmitigated, ongoing catastrophe with total calamity in the forecast. At the risk of repeating myself - when even the French are catching on* …
♪Everybody’s beautiful in their own way♫ = Rehabilitation: yes, public safety: no. Every time you curse the so-called ‘criminal justice system’, don’t forget the guy who started the whole hug a mugger, coddle a killer approach. As far as I’m concerned, the blood of the three helpless, innocent Schoenborn children, and how many other victims that needn’t have been, can be charged to this man’s account.
At about the same time real crime began to be cultivated along that road to hell that’s paved with good intentions, the Orwellian Human Rights Commission and it’s associated rackets were spawned. How’s that workin' out, huh? Wait, be careful, think before you post. Know what I mean?
Dismantling the military, because ♫war is over if you want it♪, right? Smallish in the scheme of things no doubt, but I rather thought the Trudeaupian approach to the military was neatly summed up, when under PET’s disciple, troops were sent to a war in a desert with forest green camo.
Politicize and underfund the RCMP – another of the basic functions government should and doesn’t stick to. Another disaster. But hey, we don’t need cops anyway because we’ve eradicated crime with love and understanding, right?
Say, how about the file risibly labeled “national unity”. Aha ha aha ahahahahahaha ……!!!!!! This is a guy who was pm for most of two decades with exactly one mp from west of Ontario. “Screw the West, we’ll take the rest.” ‘Nuff said.
And of course, for a sort of ultimate flourish (not unlike his famous Salmon Arm salute, now I think of it) he bestowed upon us all that travesty known as the Charter (cue: choir), setting the whole hideous mess in stone for as long as the Empire of the Canadians shall endure (and be endured).
While, on the home front, he married a hippie chick (consider the brilliance of that for a sec) and of course of course they got a divorce (another FAIL, Pierre, tsk).
But still managed to bequeath unto posterity this prize specimen:

Wow. I'm so underwhelmed.
You see, back in the day, as he was doing all of this, I kept thinking, “This doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Why do they keep telling me this guy is so darn smart? I don’t see it.”
Something about it all just didn't seem to add up, because– oh, sorry, what was that, Gump?

Yes, Gump, that’s exactly right. You know, Gump, I’m beginning to think that Drill Sergeant was on to something, maybe you really are a g-d genius, Gump.
But that other guy, that Trudeau?
I still don’t see it.

*Update! - When even a Lefty Brit is catching on ...

Worth A Post of It's Own

"The best we can do is spread the word using all the means at our disposal to explain that what you've been taught is bunk and the people you've been told to admire are, frankly, parasites."
-Thomas E Woods Jr.
Blogger Caleb983 dropped that wonderful quote in a comment on a post from March 27.
If you're not familiar with Woods and his work, you really do want to check him out. If you're like most, you're probably not exposed to Libertarian analyses much. Go ahead, it won't hurt at all. ;-)
And by all means check out Caleb983's blog; be challenged by an idealistic young radical who's not a bloody socialist for a change.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Jack

And, hey, you know, Jack, there's a lot of people, single mothers for example, or any one of all those hundreds and hundreds of thousands of children apparently living in poverty who can't afford a nice axe like that one you've got there.

I suggest a pawn shop cheeseburger in the 40 buck range would be more in keeping with the message, know what I mean? With a gunny sack to schlep it around in. Find a suitable black disabled lesbian adoptive single mother to donate your current guitar to.

Always glad to help, Buddy, after all, I have your best interests at heart, you know that.

Blazing Cat Fur: April 10th Is Delete A Koran Day

Blazing Cat Fur: April 10th Is Delete A Koran Day

If you thought Everybody Draw Mohammad Day got the 'you know who's going ...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gee, Mike, I Don't Know ...

When Politicians Don't Suck

Its amazing what can happen. For example, how many times have you heard a politician prattling on about cutting waste? And how many times did that actually happen?

Well, the good people of Florida CD 22 can point to their member of the House of Representatives as one guy who backs up the talk.

Taking office in January, rookie member Allen West has already, just by taking a good sharp look at the US Defense Dept.'s printing and reproduction practices, managed to shave 10% off, for a saving of $35.7 million in 2012 and nearly $180 million over the next five years. The enabling bill passed 393-0 in the House.
“All government programs must be thoroughly scrutinized, including the Department of Defense,” West said. “After serving 22 years in the United States Army, I am aware of areas where saving money is very possible. My challenge is for every Member of Congress to detect where they can also shave wasteful spending. If that were to happen, one can only imagine what kind of impact that would have on our federal budget.”


Izzy Hirji: Stalking Harper or What?

"... go to Ottawa myself an take him down. lol"

Not very warm and fuzzy there, Iz. Kate at Small Dead Animals has details. Better yet, Iz himself turns up in the comments. Talk about LOL!

That Sound You Hear Is Thousands of Chisels

Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West's Demise

by Kathy Shaidle
Pajamas Media
April 4, 2011

In 2008, the Toronto Sun reported that "hundreds of [Greater Toronto Area] Muslim men in polygamous marriages — some with a harem of wives — are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say."

"Polygamy is a regular part of life for many Muslims," Canadian Society of Muslims president Mumtaz Ali declared bluntly. "Ontario recognizes religious marriages for Muslims and others."

Government officials quickly denied the Muslim leader's claims about immigration law and social benefits regulations. Only one public servant seemed sufficiently concerned. "This is wrong," said city councilor Rob Ford. "They should put a stop to this immediately."

Instead, welfare abuse by Muslims appears to have metastasized across the Western world. Almost three years later, news stories about radical Muslims — often immigrants — engaged in social benefits scams emerge regularly from Europe, Canada, and Australia. Even when they are not involved in fraud, Muslims frequently are overrepresented on welfare rolls, compared with other communities. The statistics from around the globe are jaw-dropping, especially in economically uncertain times.

According to one 2007 source, immigration, of which Muslims comprise a significant part, "costs Sweden at least 40 to 50 billion Swedish kroner [approximately $7 billion] every year … and has greatly contributed to bringing the Swedish welfare state to the brink of bankruptcy." Yet two years earlier, the country's finance minister declared counterintuitively that "more immigrants should be allowed into Sweden in order to safeguard the welfare system."

One Iranian immigrant to Sweden expressed astonishment at his new country's policies: "In Sweden my family encountered a political system that seemed very strange. The interpreter told us that Sweden is a country where the government will put a check into your mailbox each month if you don't work. She explained that there was no reason to get a job." ...

Meanwhile, Canada's most famous welfare recipients — Muslim or otherwise — remain the Khadrs. Confessed war criminal Omar Khadr still resides in Guantanamo Bay, having pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan in 2002. However, his extended family members, all of whom share his radical views, continue to live on welfare in a Toronto suburb.

Despite the public outrage provoked by the Toronto Sun in 2008, little evidence suggests that the situation has improved in Canada. In early 2011, the Mounties charged Ahmad El-Akhal, a Quebec immigration consultant, with "providing Canadian citizenship documents to hundreds of people in the Middle East so they could collect benefits and tax refunds" to the tune of $500,000. Adding an original twist on the venerable scam, none of the individuals receiving benefits actually lived in Canada. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the scheme had been going on since 1999.

This author contacted the officials originally quoted in that Toronto Sun report to ask what is being done about welfare abuse by Muslims. The office of Rob Ford, who is now Toronto mayor, never replied to inquiries. Just one individual, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Community and Social Services, responded — but only with a boilerplate email. Rebecca MacKenzie explained that the ministry is "not able to provide comment on specific cases due to privacy concerns," adding that they "take allegations of fraud very seriously."

Seriousness is long overdue. As an Islamist Watch blog post from 2009 put it, "Only one adjective properly describes a government that funds those who seek its destruction: suicidal."

Why do I have the feeling the situation is no different in BC than in, say Toronto? Been around Yaletown lately? Its like walking around in Bradford. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mark Steyn on the Right to Offend

The detestable Senator Lindsey Graham

" ... But perhaps what’s most disturbing about Lindsey Graham’s dismal defense of his inclinations to censorship is the lack of even the slightest attempt to underpin his position with any kind of principle. He all but literally wraps himself in the flag, and, once you pry him out of the folds of Old Glory, what you’re left with is a member of the governing class far too comfortable with the idea that he and his colleagues should determine the bounds of public discourse.

I’m sick of that. I’m sick of it in Canada, sick of it in Britain, in Australia, in Europe, and I’m now sick of it in America — in part because, as Senator Graham has demonstrated in his fatuous defense, guys like him aren’t smart enough to set the rules for what the rest of us are allowed to think. In his column in The Australian, James Allan usefully reminds us of what it’s like to live in a world where Grahamesque types presume to regulate individual expression in the cause of identity-group harmony. I like his conclusion:

The only valuable sort of freedom of speech is the sort that allows people to do or to say what others find wrong-headed, offensive, distasteful and intolerant.

Being free to say and do what everyone else wants you to say and do is not a liberty or freedom you will ever have to fight for; it will make little difference to anything . . .

I think any good, well-functioning democracy requires its citizens to man up and grow a thick skin. If you’re offended, tell us why the speaker is wrong. Don’t ask for a court-ordered apology and some two-bit declaration.

I’ll take my chances with blowhard pastors, drearily “transgressive” artists, and flag-burning provocateurs. I’m far more worried about a blundering clod like Graham presuming to protect us from them."


Best comment imho:

Kevin MacDuff: "Political Correctness: The artificial and self-serving elevation of sentimentality over objective truth.
The perfect recipe for corroding Western Civilization into a neutered vestige ripe for Islamic domination."

Can You Say "Surreal", Kids?

Its Gale and Dale on the Lawrence Welk show doing
"One Toke Over the Line".
Seriously. Watch, this is for real.

Scaramouche!: She's Ba-a-a-ack!

Scaramouche!: She's Ba-a-a-ack!

Jennifer Lynch, Censor in Chief du Canerduh.

Blazing Cat Fur: Toronto District School Board Indoctrinates Children With Violent Leftist Ideology

Blazing Cat Fur: Toronto District School Board Indoctrinates Children With Violent Leftist Ideology

Stuffing them full of it in the classrooms, now they're takin' it to the street.

Why Bessie May? Why Not Just ...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Illegal in the UK Series Continues

Little boy asks his grandfather, "Zedeh, why are there goyim? Why didn't G-d make everyone Jewish?"
And the Zedeh replies, "Well, someone has to pay retail."

Say, How's That 'Hussein' Thing Working?

"Death to America! Death to Obama!"

Hmmm, not so much. Well, what if he were to convert to Islam?
Oh, wait ...