Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, Trudeau Was Really Really Smart, Right?

It’s become as entrenched an element of Canadian mythology as “inventing hockey” and the undoubted sainthood of that shrill, self-satisfied little socialist scold, Commy Douglas (cue: choir).
As one who endured every excruciating moment of the great philosopher king’s seemingly interminable reign, I just never saw it. At the time, the LSM and his other acolytes and assorted lickspittles assured us their hero was a bloody intellectual giant. Very, very much like their successors’ treatment of Obamessiah, but I (similarly) never saw it.
Did he possess a certain animal cunning crucial for success in politics? Undoubtedly, and the record shows just that. Was he contemptuous in the extreme of those who disagreed with the fashionable left-wing notions he embraced? Oh, yeah.
But the brilliant mind, the soaring intellect that nowadays even Red Tories (ick) at least feel they must make obeisance to ?
I just never saw it.
But, now, here’s an idea: PET, as he was shorthanded, made no secret of his disdain for Canada and Canadians and set about remaking it all into his own idea of Utopia; indeed many term the result “Trudeaupia”. Lets ‘look upon his works’, shall we, and see how he did?
Let’s see now, in no particular order:
♫Imagine all the people sharing all the world♪ Ah, multiculturalism, the cult of multi culti - an unmitigated, ongoing catastrophe with total calamity in the forecast. At the risk of repeating myself - when even the French are catching on* …
♪Everybody’s beautiful in their own way♫ = Rehabilitation: yes, public safety: no. Every time you curse the so-called ‘criminal justice system’, don’t forget the guy who started the whole hug a mugger, coddle a killer approach. As far as I’m concerned, the blood of the three helpless, innocent Schoenborn children, and how many other victims that needn’t have been, can be charged to this man’s account.
At about the same time real crime began to be cultivated along that road to hell that’s paved with good intentions, the Orwellian Human Rights Commission and it’s associated rackets were spawned. How’s that workin' out, huh? Wait, be careful, think before you post. Know what I mean?
Dismantling the military, because ♫war is over if you want it♪, right? Smallish in the scheme of things no doubt, but I rather thought the Trudeaupian approach to the military was neatly summed up, when under PET’s disciple, troops were sent to a war in a desert with forest green camo.
Politicize and underfund the RCMP – another of the basic functions government should and doesn’t stick to. Another disaster. But hey, we don’t need cops anyway because we’ve eradicated crime with love and understanding, right?
Say, how about the file risibly labeled “national unity”. Aha ha aha ahahahahahaha ……!!!!!! This is a guy who was pm for most of two decades with exactly one mp from west of Ontario. “Screw the West, we’ll take the rest.” ‘Nuff said.
And of course, for a sort of ultimate flourish (not unlike his famous Salmon Arm salute, now I think of it) he bestowed upon us all that travesty known as the Charter (cue: choir), setting the whole hideous mess in stone for as long as the Empire of the Canadians shall endure (and be endured).
While, on the home front, he married a hippie chick (consider the brilliance of that for a sec) and of course of course they got a divorce (another FAIL, Pierre, tsk).
But still managed to bequeath unto posterity this prize specimen:

Wow. I'm so underwhelmed.
You see, back in the day, as he was doing all of this, I kept thinking, “This doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Why do they keep telling me this guy is so darn smart? I don’t see it.”
Something about it all just didn't seem to add up, because– oh, sorry, what was that, Gump?

Yes, Gump, that’s exactly right. You know, Gump, I’m beginning to think that Drill Sergeant was on to something, maybe you really are a g-d genius, Gump.
But that other guy, that Trudeau?
I still don’t see it.

*Update! - When even a Lefty Brit is catching on ...

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