Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Actually, This is Good News, Right?

Iranian 'students' rampage in Tehran.

DEBKAfile are reporting that the Gulf Cooperation Council, led by the Saudis, have given up hope of the US dealing with Iran's plans to go nuke and will themselves "defend the oil emirates" by military action if necessary.

Saudi King Abdullah reportedly also told US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on April 6 and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon a week later, that he (the king of Saud) "could not forgive the Americans for throwing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the wolves in Cairo and for the unrest they were promoting against Arab regimes."

For their part, Iran has "beefed up its strength along the Pakistani border to warn Islamabad that if it matters come to a clash with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and its military will not escape punishment."
At the same time, thousands of Iranian 'students', mobilized by the Revolutionary Guards and Basijj voluntary corps have laid siege to the Saudi embassy in Tehran for most of the past week, complete with firebombs.

Of course, the whole Arab-Persian thing predates the Old Testament, so the idea of a nuclear Persia is not one the Arabs will view with any relish.
Myself, I figure any time any parts of the "Muslim world" go after each other, they're less likely to go after the rest of us.

Oh, and note the irony, the Saudis and their neighbors are unhappy because the US and the Israelis are not "interfering" in the region's affairs.

They should make up their minds already. Sheesh.

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