Saturday, February 23, 2013

Canada Sucks: Episode MMDCCLXII

So, let's see, imperial hq figure to save $700k a year by closing the Kits Coast Guard Base. This is the same bunch of prudent, wise managers of extorted taxpayers dough who have no problem blowing a billion dollars a year (you read that correctly-billion) on Heritage Canerduh.
So, as your boat is sinking into English Bay beneath you, take comfort in the knowledge that no-one went without a free maple leaf flag or Canada Council grant just to save your west-of-the-Lakehead backside.

UPDATE! What's all this then, Mr Harper?
UPDATE to the UPDATE! Once again, Alex G Tsakumis sorts the 411 out from the bovine excrement. 

So to summarize, Canada sucks (still), Christy continues to be a ditz and (shocker!) Kerry Jang has been economical with the truth, to say the least.


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