Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Good, More Liberal Fascism

Never doubt the BC Liberals devotion to the Almighty God-State.
Could the world be on the brink of economic catastrophe? No matter, Mike de Jong, BC's Minister of Health and Growing the Government, has announced that BC will have a Widow Saver-General to join our Child Saver-General in yelling for more and more statism ensuring extra special TLC for their respective sacralized groups.
Rest assured no taxpayer expense will be spared in creating Heaven On Earth for us all, right from the day we're not aborted to the day we're euthanized.
Watch for the Women's Advocate, the Aboriginals' Advocate, the Persons with Disabilities Advocate, the Environment Advocate, the Anti-Islamophobia Advocate, the Animal Rights Advocate ...

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