Friday, February 24, 2012

Believe It or Not! Killer on Death Row Doesn't Wanna Die

Convicted Canadian thrill killer Ronald Smith, doesn't want to die. Maybe he figures the two guys he murdered just for the hell of it did, it sure sounds like it, to hear this POS whine.
Now Ronnie figures Ottawa's not done enuff to get him off the hook.

""It bothered me. There was no need to make it a point that: ", whimpers Ronnie. "'We're being forced into this.' Come on, really? Am I that horrible a person ...?"

Uh, yes, actually, you are, Ronnie.

""I feel a little bit of both (anger and hurt)," Smith said. "They (the federal govt) don't know me. They're taking a look at what happened to me all that time ago." ...

Happened to whom, Ronnie? You? You should rot in hell, Ronnie. Bill Graveland can mourn you.

Me, I'd throw the switch.

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