Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canerduh Day, BC!!

Hey, BC, you sure love Canada don't you? Yeah, wave that flag.

So your kid can't grow up to be Prime Minister
or a Supreme Court Justice

So your vote is worth a steadily diminishing fraction of that of someone in Lower Canerduh and the Welfare Provinces and the "federal" election is over by the time the polls close here

So the Senate is stacked against BC even worse than the House of the Common People is

So you pay sky high prices for gas from BC and Alberta oil to subsidize lower gas prices in Upper and Lower Canerduh and the Welfare Provinces

So BC's shipbuilding industry has been moved to Quebec;
paid for by you

So billions of tax dollars you send east every year nets BC all of the above plus the finger from Trudeau, lies from Mulroney, snotty remarks from Chr├ętien ...
and so on and on

So what?

You love Canada

Cause Mr HST's endorsement is good enuff for you, right?

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