Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr Delaney Comes A'courtin'

and he wants your vote

By now you've heard of the new BC First Party. I don't know what to make of these guys. They seem to stand for everything, which usually winds up meaning they stand for nothing in particular.
I like the name. That won't surprise anyone. I like the first principle stated:

1. A BC first approach that will protect and promote the interests of British Columbia and its "citizens" (quotes mine) as the first priority.

If they mean BC's answer to the PQ, without all the socialists, great, I'm all for it.
Then they come with:

2. Limited constitutional government based on consent of the governed.
3. Government that is accountable to the people with workable Initiative, Recall and Referenda enshrined in a BC Constitution.
4. A free, open and competitive private sector as the primary engine of economic activity and growth.

Well, we were going just great until "primary engine" caught my eye. This would seem to indicate a 'mixed' economy approach, that old canerdian 'just a pinch of collectivism' thing. Mix a quart of ice cream and a pint of dog shit and the result will taste more like dog shit than ice cream. Then, blame the bad taste on the ice cream and add more dog shit ...
Same old same old.

5. A social conscience that protects the most vulnerable in society and provides care for those in need.

Oh good, they're 'compassionate'. I was frightened they might not be. /sarc

6. A universal health care system that is efficient, affordable and of the highest quality.

They can make that work at last. Uh huh.

7. A world class education system that is accessible, affordable and respects diversity.

See above. And you gotta love the 'diversity' bit. If by 'love' we mean 'feel faintly nauseated by.'

8. Fiscally responsible government that lives within its means.

No problem, aside from 5, 6, and 7 above making that impossible. Really. Sounds good. *snort*
Not a great first impression I'm afraid. We'll see. Heaven knows I'm desperate for an alternative.



Larry said...

I've liked Delaney ever since I first heard him at the Guildford Library some years back. He seemed straight forward and wasn't pompous like so many of the others.
I cannot bring myself to vote for a party titled "Liberal" again, and I doubt that the NDP in free-fall as they are, I don't feel casting my vote for conservatives would give them succor.

garret seinen said...

Trying to be all thing to all people to get yourself elected means you're setting up for a fall. it can't be done. When the expectation is 'free things' it only means that you want some else to pay. Been there - didn't work then either.
The sorry state of politics continues. Thanks for sharing their platform. gs
ps first time visit, found you through Alex's site and will look around.