Friday, March 9, 2012

News Flash! Bama Don't Like White Folks!

With all due respect to the late Andrew Breitbart I can't believe he seriously thought this old Obama college tape thing would amount to a cup of spit.

Despite the best efforts of some GOP media stalwarts like Sean Hannity to get some outrage going over the 'revelation' that student Bama was an enormous fan of hate spewing bigot prof Derrick Bell, the overwhelming reaction has been one big yawn, because a) Bama hating white folks just isn't news, and b) hating white folks is okay anyway, lots of white folks do themselves.

Now, maybe if Barry were to get drunk and drive a car into a river, abandoning the woman not his wife in the passenger seat to drown while he ran home and called his lawyer ... oh wait, never mind.

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