Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ed Driscoll on the Heir to Jon Stewart

"... Comedy Central knows that Jon Stewart’s viewers are cheap dates. They are not very bright, and they are not very interested in the world around them. The function of The Daily Show is to flatter the prejudices of a certain segment of largely white and middle-aged metropolitan liberals. ..."
"... Comedy Central was probably counting on the usual double standard, which is, generally, a safe bet. When a couple of nobody RNC staffers ran up a $2,000 bill at a lesbian-bondage-themed strip club — it is a big tent, after all! — that was a national story, with Jon Stewart providing a Muppet reenactment. (Really.) Bill Clinton parties with Jeff Epstein on Pedophile Island? A strange quiet falls upon the land. ..."
 "... I suspect once this awkward little sizeist-Jew thing is smoothed over that he’ll confine himself to the old reliables — the stupidity of Palin, the stupidity of Cruz, the stupidity of [Your Republican Here] — that will keep Jon Stewart liberals splitting their sides for the next half-decade. ..."

And the Beards Have All Grown Longer Overnight

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