Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Religion of Peace - Afghan Division

How to tell the enemies from the friendlies?
"Afghan protesters chant 'Long live al Qaeda'
Updated Sun. Mar. 9 2008 10:48 AM ET News Staff

Thousands of Afghan students chanted "Long live al Qaeda," during a protest aimed at Denmark and the Netherlands.( dnb: oh, really? Just them?)

Protesters accused the two European countries of insults against Islam. Sunday's protest in Jalalabad was one of at least a half-dozen in Afghanistan, including one in the capital city of Kabul.

(*)The demonstrators burned flags from each country and also shouted "Death to America."

Jalalabad was where Osama Bin Laden made his last public appearance in late 2001. The eastern city has long been seen as friendly to the al Qaeda leader, who had a major compound south at Tora Bora in the White Mountains.

"We don't want Dutch and Danish forces in Afghanistan. If our government does not kick them out, we will continue our demonstrations until they leave Afghanistan,'' said one protester, university student Qari Ibrahim. "If these forces do not leave, we are prepared to carry out suicide attacks against them.'..."

Like the suicide attacks against Canadian troops. This is the sort of place we should be sending troops to to... to what? To defend the Afghans? From themselves? To conquer them? Good luck.

If the idea is to collect a lot of islamonuts in one area where they can be dealt with more readily (the roach motel approach) then you have to hit them with bombs, nuke 'em.
won't get anything done unless the intent is to waste young lives.

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