Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Religion of Peace - Toronto Division

So, if you haven’t heard of them, the Toronto Shariah Program is one of those nice moderate organizations so truly characteristic of the much-maligned Religion of Peace.

Their web site, will, Insha'allah, soon feature more content to go with headlines like “Sufism - Islamic mysticism, dancing and singing, or inner-cleansing of the spiritual soul?” then they’ve had time and volunteers to get up since 2003, but they have surprisingly, managed to get a very interesting page up about jihad, of all topics. Go figure.

If you have the poor judgement, as I confess I do, to be a kafir, you’ll no doubt find all this very reassuring reading:

“Anyone who makes the claim that he wants to serve the Deen yet is not thinking about jihad in the way of Allah, either has no understanding (of jihad) or he is not a truthful and sincere person. However, concerning the issue of jihad, people have gone to two extremes, both of which are mistaken. One group understood from the concept of jihad that it is necessary to view all the kuffar as those whom we must raise the sword or rifle to kill. The other group understands from the concept of jihad that we must be gentle, affectionate, and love all of them, and by doing such we would be “struggling” (i.e. making “jihad”) with them to bring them back to Allah and His Deen. Obviously, both groups have fallen into error. In reality, we are not a people whose mission is to kill the kuffar, nor are we a people who love the kuffar unrestrictedly. When it is time for fighting, we do not fight except those who, by doing so, we would be serving Allah alone (not our passions or personal agendas). ...”

So, you see, we kaffur are only to be attacked when Allah makes it known its “go time”. Allah lets them know whom to kill as well, so, no sweat there either folks. He’s always been very reliable in both regards.

“On the other hand, we have those who say, “We must love the kuffar, be kind with them, and esteem them. They are nice people and they have a lot of good in them.” People who say this have mixed truth with falsehood, just as those who say they want to kill all the kuffar, without understanding or differentiation, have also mixed truth with falsehood.
It is impossible for a true believer to love a kafir: “You will not find people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having love for anyone who opposes Allah and His Messenger” (Qur’an 58-21)..."

Well, that’s not hard for anyone to understand, right? Its one of those Everybody’s beautiful in their own way sort of things, in a Muslim sort of way, I figure.

“So we view all the kuffar as being, firstly, the creation of Allah. And as Muslims, we love Allah’s creation. Therefore, we do not love the kafir, rather, we love Allah’s creation (suna’ Allah). We view them as being a means for our spiritual transaction with Allah; a means for our drawing nearer to Allah. ..."

And that doesn’t necessarily mean slaughtering us all right now, got it? There’s always dhimmi status for those of us who qualify anyway. So, relax already.

“The way we enter discourse with them should be in ways that their intellects can understand, using means that they like and are familiar with,”

Well, that just makes sense because as non-Muslims, clearly we’re intellectually deficient. That’s just obvious.

“ as long as it is not prohibited in the Sacred Law.”

Which encourages taqiyya, kitman and all that, but hey, all religions encourage that sort of thing, don’t they?

“This is not because those means are the only means, but rather, because they are means that Allah loves. So if the time comes that it is more pleasing to Allah that we use another type of means, with some of them, then we do not hesitate for even one second to abandon the old method and to use the new method. The principle is that we are expansive and inclusive of everyone, merciful with everyone, loving and wanting goodness for everyone, from societies to leaders, from Muslims to kafirs. Then if a situation arose that calls us to deal with sternness, even if it reached the level of fighting, then we do not allow our previous ways of mercy and gentleness to delay that which Allah has commanded. ..."

Well, clearly whatever it takes to deal with the enemies of Allah is what must be done.

“The day I meet with an enemy soldier off the battle field, who killed Muslims in Afghanistan, and I sense that he may want guidance, then I will treat him with the utmost of mercy. This is what we MUST understand. So our ultimate and primary mission in jihad is their guidance, even while we might be (physically) fighting them! ..."

Well, I don’t suppose the DND would be tasteless enough to allow Canadian or other Afghan war veterans into Toronto anyway, at least not any who aren't wanting “guidance”, so there's really no chance of this coming up, right?

“In this incident, the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, made firm in our hearts the understanding that even while fighting, our goal is their guidance. So if the enemy shows the signs of being guided, then the fighting between us and them ceases, even if it was an outward form without any true reality. That is why the meaning of the statement, “Did you kill him after he said it, Oh Usamah?!” is that we should not let our drive to fight blind us from the real cause of fighting, which is their guidance. ..."

So, you see, its all about what’s good for us kaffur. I just feel like breaking into a rousing chorus of Kumbaya. How about you?


Charles Martel said...

Verily the Religion of Peace is all about peace.
Its heartwarming to read how Toronto's Muslim community has embraced multiculturalism.Kumbaya indeed.

islamshmislam said...

you want to bet these assholes woll have one politicain after another suckingup to them come election time?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Lefty Layton crying his eyes out over "Islamophobia" (sic), Harpo sporting a turban, Stefi Dion stoning a homosexual in the marketplace ...
The possibilities are endless.