Monday, April 14, 2008

Robert Spencer on suppressing discussion of Islam


PelaLusa said...

I have several Muslim friends so I'm very careful to word my thoughts on this subject with great precision. My friendships don't stop me speaking out at all, but I try to imagine these friends of mine in the same room when I'm doing so.

I've seen Robert Spencer many times on the HotAir site. Insightful man.

I do wonder if he, or fellow Jewish people are regretting using Human Rights Commissions in times past to censor Nazi hate groups?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Spencer isn't Jewish, he's RC. However, your point about the Human Rights Commissariat is imho, very well taken. Its a pity the story of Pandora's Box (like so much from the "bad old days") isn't taught anymore. It's got a moral well worth pondering.

PelaLusa said...

Spencer is a Catholic, like moi? I always thought I saw a Yamika (sp?) on his head?

On the religion front, it amazes/amuses/disgusts me how these new anti-God zealots like Christopher Hitchens and Bill Mar spew their arrogance.

In their arguments, they always compare themselves - an intelligent, well educated liberal atheist - with a poorly educated, bible thumping Christian from the rural Southern U.S. And then they make the inference that anyone who possibly believes that we humans may just not know everything, is just like that "ignorant" Christian.

There's a whole large spectrum of different beliefs out there and who knows which truth is THE truth. The fact is, we don't.

Here's a little thought puzzle I love to throw at devout religious fanatics or devout atheist fanatics: "Prove to me in absolute uncertain terms that I'm not a giant lizard lying on a stone tablet on Planet Zylon, with electrodes in my head to make me *think* what I'm seeing is real." Of course, they can't.

The Matrix movie demonstrated one version of this though I first thought of it back around 1991. I don't actually believe it but it points out the truth that none of us know FOR SURE whether or not there's a God. In fact, I strongly believe that atheists are just as ignorant as any religious follower who will not accept that other people might have a different view and that other person may actually be correct.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Spencer is a Catholic, like moi? I always thought I saw a Yamika (sp?) on his head? "

No, its not a Yarmulke on his head, just a lousy haircut. ;-) His ancestors came from the Middle East and were not called Spencer.
Among his books, you'll find Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics. A very interesting read, I found, although I'm Anglican, which is of course neither Catholic nor Protestant and both. ;-)