Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Carole

You've gone and thrown my vote away*

So, first I absolutely shocked family and friends by announcing that I found myself in the unprecedented situation of intending to vote NDP. I'd voted Green last time knowing Gordie Campbell would win, but hoping a reduced majority and popular vote might inspire him to straighten out and fly right.

Well, that didn't happen of course, instead we've had the carbon tax, more of his endless smooching of Ottawa's backside, an all-out sleaze fest at taxpayers' expense, and on and on ...
It seemed I had no choice but to move my vote to the NDP.

Now I learn that amongst the various left wing loonies on board with Carole the Nice is a particularly virulent Jew-hater, one Mable Elmore by name. Ms Elmore apparently can't simply shut up and drive the bus, she has to battle "Zionists" in her workplace as well.
Uh huh.

Well, so much for voting NDP. Now what do I do? Until BC has our own version of the PQ, thanks to Willie Woodenshoes, there's really not a party that's anything like a natural fit for me, I always have to hold my nose; but Carole James has seen to it I won't be voting NDP this May.

*apologies to Chuck Berry


Thunderstick said...

Makes a person long for the old Social Credit party. Bill B. wasn't such a bad guy!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Perhaps they can get some of W.A.C.'s DNA and ....

Anonymous said...

She's one candidate out of ...83? Why should she matter to you? I'm sure if you looked into the other candidates, you could find 70+ that you would like. Look at the whole picture; our province is in jeopardy of becoming the must socially unequal in the country. You want to risk that because you dont like mable?

Pelalusa said...

It's not in my DNA to be able to vote for a Permanent Victim Party ... and an incompetent one at that.

But make no mistake, I'm hardly in love with Campbell and his Liberals. Least worse option IMHO.