Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jerusalem - Police on High Alert for Two Terrorist Funerals

"Palestinian Authority and Jerusalem Arabs Saturday night are preparing for two funerals for terrorists, and Israeli police and the IDF are preparing for the usual custom of honoring the deceased by hurling rocks, cinder blocks and firebombs at ‘Zionist” forces who try to preserve some semblance of law and order. Abdel Rahman al-Shaludi, who rammed his car at a Jerusalem, light rail; train on Wednesday and killed a three-month-old American-Israeli baby, is to be buried near the Old City at 10 p.m. ...
The second funeral will take place near Ramallah for a 14-year-old Arab with American citizenship who was killed by Israeli soldiers when he tried to murder passing Jewish motorists on Highway 60 with a firebomb Friday evening. ``

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