Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Affront To Democracy?

One of the more amusing aspects of the current uproar out in Imperial HQ Oddawha is the oft-repeated charge that a coalition of Stephi, Lefty and Gills would be a "disgrace to Canadian democracy", an affront to "141 years of democracy" and so forth.

What some people have failed to grasp is this:
Such a coalition is perfectly legal under the constitution du canerduh. That it would be a highly undemocratic way of deciding who will run the show simply underlines the basic fact:
Canada is no more a proper democracy than it is a proper federated state, its an illusion of both, but it is neither.

Having Mrs Windsor's stand in pick who's going to fill the office of all powerful dictator, known by the quaint term "prime minister" is most appropriate for a system devised by people who were scared fartless of democracy, or "mob rule" as they termed it. The fathers of confounderation would approve entirely, to be sure. No mob rule going on here, no siree. This is even better than the undemocratic way the undemocratic dictator is usually selected.

Now, in fairness, I must admit that many people's union shop education coupled with endless hours of CSI Altoona, Are You Smarter Than Your Dog? and so forth have left them ill equipped to realize that if trudging to the polls every now and then were all there is to democracy, Zimbabwe would qualify, but more really should have obtained a better grip on reality by now. I suppose one should never underestimate the power of brainwashing.
Oh well, better late than never.
That sound you hear is shattering illusions.

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Laila Yuile said...

Bravo!! Could not have said it better.