Tuesday, December 9, 2008

They Can't Speak For Themselves

Our wild Pacific salmon don't have the Premier's ear.

During the 2001 election, the BC Liberals pledged to:

"Push Ottawa for provincial control over BC offshore fisheries, to improve fisheries, to improve fisheries management and protect jobs."
A New Era for British Columbia pg.3

Well, they've had most of two terms and we're still waiting for them to report on what progress has been made. Burnaby Liberal MPPs are maintaining silence.
Ottawa's mismanagement of BC's fish stocks has been disastrous, eliminating the involvement of DFO's Sparks Street mandarins would be a crucial step in saving our wild Pacific salmon from going the way of cod in the Northwest Atlantic.
Allow me to urge you, treasured reader, to email Gordie Campbell, Carole the Nice and your local members (for all the pull they have) and push for this push. With an election coming in the spring, they may just decide to listen.


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