Friday, December 12, 2008

Alberta Independence Gets A Boost

These happy Albertans are heading out of confounderation asap.

Here we go ... :-)
I can't say I'm a big fan of this "BC hooking up with Alberta and Saskatchewan" idea, but certainly those two telling Oddawha to go screw would help enormously here in BC, so I have to send hearty best wishes to the newly founded Western Business and Taxpayers Association.

" the primary reason for creating the WBTA is to have an organization that will act as a support structure for all those with our goals. Below you will find our 6 point plan:

1. Create separatist network that will strengthen the businesses of separatists and help them prosper so they can in turn donate to groups like the Separation Party of Alberta and / or any other party that may come along in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
2. We will also implement other strategies that will dramatically affect other parties.
3. We will fund any and all who share our vision of a new nation.
4. Develop a White Paper On Separation.
5. Convince the governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to withdraw from the federal transfer program, start collecting their own taxes and have a referendum on leaving confederation in compliance with the Clarity Act.
6. Provide training in Campaign Management, Candidate Development, Fundraising, Media Training and more for those that want to organize for elected office or to promote the separation agenda across Western Canada or in their provinces specifically. "

I must say they should have worked something in the way of Separation, Separatist, or better yet, Independence into the name, good to get it right out front, plus it Googles better. However, I shouldn't quibble.

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