Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Gordie Campbell Disaster in the Making

Is this guy loaded or something?
"However, land claims and demands for self-government did not originate within the aboriginal population and are not being formulated and implemented by aboriginal peoples themselves. Rather, they are the result of a long historical process in which an ever-expanding, parasitical Aboriginal Industry - first clergy, then consultants, lawyers, and anthropologists - have used the plight of aboriginal peoples to justify a self-serving agenda. The legal and "culturally sensitive" bureaucratic solutions to aboriginal problems that the Industry proposes would continue to keep natives isolated and dependent, thus perpetuating existing social pathologies and, not incidentally, justifying demands for more funding and programs for the Aboriginal Industry.
Widdowson, Frances and Howard, Albert - Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry -
The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation pg 9; McGill-Queen's University Press

And now Gordie Campbell has vaguely sketched something out on the back of a coaster, apparently, that will not only pour even more taxpayers' money down the bottomless sinkhole of the AI, it will involve said "ever-expanding, parasitical" cluster of entities in private business enterprises and the development of BC's lands and resources in ways one shudders to contemplate.

Clearly the guy has fallen under the spell woven as the AI's purported premise: that a certain group of people should be condemned to pursue some sort of neolithic way of life, mainly hunting/ gathering, under tribal rule rather than laws etc, all that nasty, brutish and short stuff (romanticized of course) based on their ethnicity, in the midst of 21st century British Columbia.
Cruel and insane are two words that come to mind.

Gordie bit on Human Induced Global Climate Change- hook, line, sinker, rod, right up to the reel he bit. Result? The economic kedge anchor known as the Carbon Tax.

The Law of Unintended Consequences was derived from Gordie Campbell's style of governance, flitting from fashionable fable to fashionable fable, devastation in his wake. The mind reels at where this new big thing of his will lead us all to, but of course, as we should always bear in mind:
the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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