Thursday, April 16, 2009

Afghan Democracy Update

Its not enuff for Afghan women to degrade themselves with burqas and such. They will soon be required by law to submit to rape.

Although readers of this blog could hardly have been surprised by developments, the msm finally discovered something of the true nature of Afcrapistan's "fledgling democracy" when they stumbled on the primitive, repugnant, Sharia-based marital rape law making its way into what that "country" is pleased to call its law books.

Now, when all of 300 women dare show up at a demo against said law, they're promptly pelted with rocks and gravel. Interestingly, the "counterprotesters" as the Daily Mail carefully calls them were hollering "Death to the slaves of the Christians!". Charming.

Seyyed Kambakhsh is still rotting unmentioned in prison for suggesting males and females should be equal under law, but apparently the Afs have finally now at last come up with something truly beyond the Pale. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Still, the whole thing will soon blow over, I mean, wouldn't it be sorta "racist" or something to dwell on it? And besides, what to do about it? Aside from simply pulling out and letting the Afs enjoy the 7th century unhampered, only ensuring they're never again in a position to export any of it?

As this sickening travesty drags on, as the casualties pile up, remember: NATO troops are dying to prop up a regime that more and more resembles what is being set up in the Swat Valley of stout ally Pakistan.

Could this get any crazier?

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Pelalusa said...

I heard you talking about this on Sean Leslie's show. Good on you for bringing it up!