Monday, April 20, 2009

So This Is What A "Community Organizer" Does

Apparently, this sort of thing is an expression of Pride in some circles.

Carole the Nice , leader of the Non Democratic Party, had better get a memo out toot sweet to all candidates re: getting one's freak on for all the world to see via one of those incredibly popular narcissistic achievement substitute social networking sites.
Remember the federal NDP candidate who had videos up of himself driving around with a face full of reefers?

Well, now one of Carole's Cadre has weighed in with her very own where do they find these people? moment to wear with her trademark indignant on behalf of working families, women, the disabled ... look.

In Ray Lam's defense, posting weirdo pics of you and your pals is a far cry from endangering public safety by driving impaired (pulling a Gordie in some circles) but one does tend to hope for some shred of mature judgment (a spot of dignity wouldn't be amiss either) in an elected representative, trained seals for the party leaders tho' they be.

So, how does this work, do they have to find another gay guy who looks Asian or is one or the other enuff? What about someone with a visible disablity who's one of the other two? What about a lesbian who's differentially abled, how would she stack up against someone who could tick off 'transgendered', or, how does that whole thing work?

Anyway, fearless leader has said she will be looking into how the NDP screen potential candidates. Oh, that. While its a bit late now for that, still this bunch o' bananas figure they should be running BC.
No, thanks.

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Laila Yuile said...

This is so alarming. Not so much for the juvenile photos which seem to be the social norm of many of that generation, but for both the vetting process of the NDP, as well as the naivete of the candidate in particular.

Rule one in politics: Nothing is "Private".Not your past, your present, your sex life, or the liquor you drink. The fact that this fellow thought those pictures would be private screams dupe. Not someone I would want to represent me in any riding.

And whats up with this candidate picking process anyways? Even the Libs are dubious at their choices. For example, in my area I wondered who the heck the Liberal candidate was when I say the name Ajay Caleb on the signs around here. Never heard of this guy, haven't seen him at any community meetings, haven't heard him speak up about crime or the addicts and hookers in the area and I certainly question his mentality when he says Newton is a great place to live. Oh,yes, but he looks South Asian, so maybe the Libs figured that might get him some votes.

Sorry, they had that one wrong. The libs dont have a chance in this riding with this guy who came out of nowhere... oh yeah, but he coaches soccer and helped tsunami victims. ;(