Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

Wilbert "Peaches" Bartley's criminal career is finally over

This charming piece of work will rob no more, not, of course, through any actions of Canerduh's "justice" system but because he pushed his luck too far and got his head blown off by cops.

Removing the running sore of Bartley's existence from society has naturally been met with weeping and gnashing of teeth in the sunset media, who've never met a criminal they didn't excuse as the victim of something or other.

The Province, for example, had to tag their bit of drivel with the sub-head "Was turning life around, says mother". At 50? With a record as long as your arm? Right.

Actually, this prize of a mother's comments are all too revealing of where something like "Peaches" originates.

"“My son might have been in a lot of trouble but, damn it, he had to be. He had no way of living,” she said, adding that Bartley did not have a job and suffered neck and head problems from a decade-old brawl."

Of course, what else would a mother advise? Can't work? You'd better steal, Son. See about peddling some crack and some meth too.

"Between tears, Catherine (notice the first name treatment) shared a piece of advice she had given Bartley, worried about the son who already had too many brushes with police."

"Brushes with police"? Oh, please.

But anyway, did Mum plead with Peaches to go straight?

"“I told him never to run because they’ll kill him,” she said."

Mother of the Year candidate, n'est pas?

As I've mentioned before, I've not noticed any shortage of assholes, imported (Peaches was from Upper Canerduh) or otherwise. If his fate deters just one of them from victimizing someone, Peaches will prove more use dead than he ever was alive.

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