Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, the Tolerance, the Acceptance!

I have a feeling someone is going to get their ass handed to them.

The redoubtable Alex G Tsakumis, who, unlike the complicit buggy-whip media, provided his readers with full, unflinching coverage of, and courageous commentary on, the public obscenity known as the Vancouver Pride Parade reports he has received "two very threatening emails from someone commenting on the ‘Pride Parade’ post (he) did last week." "This particular person has made statements about me that are entirely manufactured to injure", Tsakumis writes, "and then followed up with significant threats." He has, naturally, contacted police.

Your correspondent, while disgusted of course, cannot feign surprise I'm afraid. This is just the latest example of words like "tolerance" and "acceptance" (big, big buzzwords of Vancouver "Pride") being mouthed by people who, at the slightest resistance to their agenda, reveal themselves as far from tolerant and accepting, even of people who object to adults simulating group sex acts and wandering about naked in public streets in front of children.

Whether its baying mobs of "students" chasing libertarian and conservative speakers from university campuses, or this sort of thing, whenever the smiley-face mask slips a bit and the true face of what Kathy Shaidle has so rightly dubbed the Tyranny of Nice is revealed, it truly is very, very ugly indeed.

Oh, and don't forget the sponsors of this sickening public display.

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