Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its That Pakistan, Right?

There's only the one, isn't there?

That would be the Pakistan which is "supporting the Taliban with training, cash and sanctuary".

That would be the Pakistan where 9/11 was celebrated in the streets.

That Pakistan.

So far, Fearless Leader Harpo has pledged 31 million of our dollars to people who are helping kill NATO soldiers in Afghastlystan. Taliban Jack and Count Iggy Wormtongue don't figure that's enuff even.
Even by canerdian standards, this is either epic dhimmitude, epic stupidity or a special blend of both.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's high commissioner wants everyone to forget about the Taliban and buy into the "Moderate Muslims" BS.
"He also said the government of Pakistan is "fully focused and able to reach out to its own people."

Good, let the government of Pakistan "reach out" and take care of its own.
The rest of us can reach out to the PMO


and tell them to let Pakistan know the check is in the mail.

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