Friday, January 28, 2011

The Important Thing, Right, Right?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave ...

If you missed Christy Clark's epic fail on Global BC's News Hour on Wednesday, it starts at the 27 minute mark here:

And in case you've missed it, the documents Global's Marisa Thomas refers to in the clip, which contradict Christy's version of her role in the sale of BC Rail, are laid out at the blog of the courageous Alex G . Tsakumis, who is doing the vital but dangerous (gets you threatened, makes you unpopular) work the sunset media don't have the sack for.


BC Mary said...


That cartoon was SO good, I ran like a pirate over to my place to see if I could copy it. I could !! And I did !!

Please forgive the seizure. It was just too tempting. But if you tell me I should take it down, I will ...

Oh. And when it wanted to repeat itself 3 times, I allowed that because it looked just right, too, one elephant each for: Christy, Pamela, Bill. Betcha they will NEVER understand why British Columbia needs a full Public Inquiry on how BC Rail slid out of public ownership and into private pockets. Which, of course, is why we need a Public Inquiry, right?

Many thanks ... and very best wishes,

Mary, at

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Mary, enjoy, with my compliments. Thanks for your kind words.

D in NB

Right, right, right--? said...

We are all Egyptians now.

deaner said...

Actually, it starts at ~17 minutes. Thanks for the clip, though.