Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Methinks She Doth Protesteth Too Much

Former Gordie Campbell Cabinet Minister, liberal party du canerduh apparatchik, and erstwhile CKNW show host Christy Clark seems more and more desperate to avoid a full public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail, the stench from which rivals the raw sewage Victoria dumps into the saltchuck. BC Rail was of course, sold off (like so much of BC) by Gordie and his crew, during Christy's time aboard.
In the unlikely event you're beginning to suspect Christy's leveling with us on all this, then you clearly haven't been following the Basi Files series on the (highly recommended) blog of the courageous Alex G. Tsakumis. Here's the latest installment - Chapter X: A Done Deal. The earlier posts are in his Archives.
Read it all and then start demanding a full public inquiry; hell, let's get out and march in the streets.

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