Monday, February 21, 2011

Making a Point of Missing the Point

"Under the Graves Strategy, it (Bill C232) would ensure that the West, the fastest-growing region in Canada, is shut out from yet another national institution. And any Westerner who objected could be called a bigot and a rube and "anti-French", to the delight of those more cosmopolitan ridings where Ignatieff might have a chance."
"In one of Graves' private briefings to the Liberals, that he later boasted about to the Globe and Mail, he outlined a strategy to demonize Western Canada …"
"… To Ignatieff, forced bilingualism (like Bill S220) is a tool to beat up anglophone westerners ... to the delight of Liberal voters in Montreal and Toronto."
"Sort of like Keith Davey's Liberal strategy that he articulated for Pierre Trudeau: "Screw the West, we'll take the rest.""

Now, I have all the time in the world for Alberta’s Ezra Levant, but he is a Federalist. That means that while he may fulminate against Count Iggy and Taliban Jack for 'beating us up' to win votes in Upper and Lower Canada, he’s not quite going to mention why that’s such a winning tactic, why it “delights” voters there. Its like he'll give you '2+2' but he's hoping you'll join him in skipping the '=4' bit.

But that’s okay, you have me to do that.

Ontario and Quebec like it when Ottawa 'beats you up' because those people do not regard you as their compatriot; they have no warm all-in-it-together feeling for you, nothing like that, in fact if they consider you at all, they dislike you.

Your purpose in life is to be their ATM, just dispense the cash. Quietly.

There ya go.

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Anonymous said...

It has been said, the western provinces, should separate from the east. I read, the west would be 40% better off. Idiot Campbell, even gave BC's HST to Harper. Chretienne said, he didn't like the western people, because they are different. Amen to that!!! The west's tax dollars would stay in the west, if we separated. A $1 billion fake lake. How idiotic in a recession. Which leads me to believe, what recession? Is that a fake too?