Thursday, February 10, 2011

Odds and Sods

Since, according to the eternally tin-eared sunset media, all of BC is "celebrating" the anniversary of the best damn thing ever, let's not forget everybody's favorite Premier who hosted it all for us. And look, in the background, its a Mountie! Ooh, they're real popular too. Now its a celebration for sure. *snort*

Professional Moderate Muslim Muzzammil "Muzzie" Hassan has been convicted of beheading his wife. Oddly enuff, the buggy whip media seem less enthused about reporting this turn of events than they were about the launch of his stealth jihad TV network.

See, "Caught up in the moment" is the new "tired and emotional".
Make sure to update that style guide.

Hey Aqualung! Wanna hit the showers with those little girls? Just have an "innate feeling" of being female. Coming soon -only in Canerduh!

No surprise -pushy Muslims pushing for Sharia-compliant public schools. Surprise -its happening in Winnipeg!

Gosh, British fringe nut bar EDL supporters look and sound just like what we used to call "normal people".

CTV BC denying rumors flopping Mike and Tamara to be replaced by:

(Okay, I made that last one up.)

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