Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moderate Islam™ Search Update

Nihad Awad and Muzzammil Hassan- a real pair of beauties

The search for that ever-elusive "Moderate Islam" just keeps getting more and more challenging all the time (by the way, we had the nicest bit of snipe tonight, but I digress ...)

Recently, I was shocked and deeply disappointed to learn that the FBI has found the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has ties to the jihadis of Hamas. I had such high hopes, but alas, America's "largest Muslim advocacy group" led by Nihad Awad, turns out to be just another cog in what former FBI agent John Guandolo (who lost his job to stealth jihad) told law enforcement and Homeland Security personnel Tuesday is "a network of Islamic organizations (who) are working to incrementally implement Islamic law in the United States. "
The United States, for example.

Now we get word that Muzzammil Hassan, founder of a tv network devoted to "counteracting negative stereotypes of Muslims in America" apparently hadn't been briefed on how negatively we filthy kuffar react to beheading one's estranged wife. No word yet on how the network plans to deal with the inevitable "negative stereotyping" to come.

Sira 367 ... "O Apostle of God, we shall have to tell lies." He (the Prophet) answered, "Say what you like, for you are free in the matter."

Yes indeed, nothing like a drop of Taqiyya to wash down some snipe.




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