Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, This is Good for Tourism, huh, Gordie?

"Gang shootings plague Vancouver police, officials" -AP

As it seems so very important that the Americans know all about us, its no doubt good to see the AP and Seattle PI are paying close attention to the gang warfare blazing on the streets of Metro Vancouver these days.

"Another spasm of gang violence in the metropolitan area has residents worrying once again whether the city is becoming a free-fire zone.
On Friday afternoon, two gunmen pumped multiple rounds from what Royal Canadian Mounted Police say were prohibited firearms into a pickup truck outside a supermarket at a suburban mall in Langley as shoppers were getting their weekend groceries."

Yup, just what the doctor ordered for tourism, which has, after all, been booming in recent years.
Yeah, right.

"Police also have warned that rivals are gunning for the three Bacon brothers, who are out on bail while facing firearms and drug charges. Jamie Bacon escaped an attempted hit while driving in Abbotsford last month."

But none of this would justify keeping them locked up of course, just ask the judges who sprung them. Just ask Gordie Campbell's Attorney General - Wally Awful.
Who the hell are these judges who let these three specimens out to live amongst us?
Why don't we see their faces, why don't we know their names?
Why don't we get a vote on whether they keep their jobs?

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