Saturday, February 7, 2009

For Gordie Campbell - Some Free Advice

And free advice is always worth the price.

Now, its become clear recently that, despite Himself's clear belief, the Gordie Campbell Crew may just have their work cut out for them to beat Carole the Nice and Co. in the next election.
And so, since nothing says "uppity peasant" like presuming to advise King Gordie, allow me:
Step one must be replacing his current miserable excuse for an Attorney General with someone who is, unlike Wally Awful, not so far out to lunch he's picnicking on Pluto.

Anyone who heard Wally's sputtering attempt at defending his pals on the bench Friday on CKNW's The World Today with Jon McComb must by now understand what some of us have maintained since his appointment:

As a judge, Wally was part of the problem for so long there's not a chance in hell he could be part of the solution.

Clearly, Wally is of the school that holds the answer to crime is warm and fuzzy hugs and umpteenth chances, you know, all that good stuff that got us into the mess we're in now. Reminds one of Einstein's Scientific Definition of Insanity: to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Now, that's not to say I find Wally a complete waste of air, he's really quite amusing in his woolly-headed way. To hear Wally charge his critics with being "irresponsible" is, after all, the height of unintended comedy. Boffo laffs, in his way, is Ol' Wall.

Hey, Wally, twiddling your thumbs while gangsters spray bullets in shopping mall parking lots is irresponsible. Presiding over a system in which judges grant anyone and everyone bail while handing down ridiculously light sentences and doing bugger all about it is irresponsible. A system that allows the Bacon brothers and their ilk to roam free is irresponsible. Sitting on a report on sentencing we all know is going to reflect badly (to put it mildly) on your buddies in the judiciary is irresponsible.

You may have noticed that Wally's standard line of bovine excrement inevitably kicks off with a nice, pompous "the public needs to understand..." - why Wally and his high-minded friends are so much more enlightened than us rabble about crime and punishment, how its all Ottawa's fault, how, really, in the end, really nothing can or should be done. And as long as Wally's in charge, nothing will be done.

Well, what Wally needs to understand is that even with that ol' ethnic block vote thang, he can get his sorry ass blasted out the door if the voters decide they've had enuff. We can only hope.

In the meantime, he should be gone from cabinet.

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Laila said...

This runs as my main feature on todays blog post David.

Well done!!