Monday, February 23, 2009

Afghan Democracy Update

Getting tough for the Taliban to grasp that they're losing the war?

I mean, they are losing, aren't they? So we're told; but then there's all this sort of thing:

"Jail upheld in Afghan Koran case
An Afghanistan appeal court has upheld 20-year jail terms for two men who published a translation of the Koran.
The men were convicted of modifying the Muslim holy book into Persian while not including the original Arabic text. ...
Together with the prosecution they had called for the death penalty, but the three-judge panel upheld a lower court's decision to sentence them each to 20 years' imprisonment. ..."

All this medieval insanity going on under the aegis of a government NATO countries are sacrificing young lives to prop up, all in the cause of saving the Afghans from themselves.

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