Friday, February 20, 2009

Its All About Priorities

Just follow the money -to the Fat Man.

Burnaby residents frightened for their family's safety in the midst of the current gang war may have been somewhat depressed this week when CKNW's Marcello Bernardo reminded us that Burnaby RCMP are the lowest paid cops in the Lower Mainland.

A look at the books further reveals that in the five years ending Dec 31 '07 Burnaby's capital expenditure for the chronically understaffed Burnaby RCMP was dwarfed by such priorities as recycling, "cultural services", the bicycle program, the "urban trails" so popular with those looking to escape police ...

On the other hand, Mayor Three Chins and his pals on council are among the very best paid in the Lower Mainland; and those annual automatic raises don't hurt (them) either. What's more, these self-proclaimed socialists get a good chunk of that tax free, Comrade.
It sure is heartening to the rest of us to know our tax money is being wisely allocated, isn't it, Burnaby?


Laila said...

Disgusting. This man is a walking advertisment for gluttony. How does he keep getting elected???

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"How does he keep getting elected???"

Well, nobody gets the vote out like the NDP; couple that with extreme voter apathy and ignorance at the municipal level (I was explaining to a neighbor today again that, no, that guy something Roberts or something isn't the mayor of Burnaby...) and we get mayor Three Chins again and again .... AAAARRGGG!