Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Told You So

We all love an opportunity to say told ya so, some of us are just honest enuff to own up to it.
And so we turn now to all those north of the 49th who were swept up in the rapture of Obamessiahmania, sure that he would usher in a new golden age for all the world. Peace and prosperity for all, the Taliban holding hands with earnest young members of the new Barry Youth, everyone singing Kumbaya.

Well, he's already killed Afghan civilians with air strikes and we didn't hear anything about how Chris Matthews' (he of not a shred of credibility fame) various body parts reacted. (What's that, Chris? Tight against the seam? Oh, well, thanks for clearing that up, Buddy.)

Meanwhile, Barry's naive (to put it mildly) musings on the Middle East and the threat the world faces from Islam (about which he's clueless) have accomplished nothing more than generating amusement in some quarters, bemusement in others.

Ah, but now there's Buy American.

During the campaign, I would point out that from the point of view of those living in economies outside the US, a Repugnican, not a Demoprat, was to be preferred, as the latter, especially in tough times, pursue protectionist trade policies which harm economies such as BC's.
This was greeted with your correspondent being labeled right wing, a bigot, or someone who just didn't understand how wonderful Barry Obamessiah was.

Rallies in Vancouver full of weeping, cheering people (some of whom he'll be putting out of work) greeted the election of "he whom hath been dubbed "The One" (by Oprah no less. Wow!).
On election night I couldn't even escape by tuning in Sportstalk with Dan Russell (a longtime loyal listener) as Dan had to spend what seemed like half an hour enthusing 'bout Bama.

Blogger David Berner, whom I think the world of, nonetheless succumbed to Barrymania to such an extent, got himself so worked up at contrary views of his hero, that on election day, he simply refused to post comments that did anything but pour fawning adoration on our Saviour. Barry's not been in office a month now and if poor David isn't yet backpedalling as hard as he will be (heh, heh) he certainly comes across as someone who's hit the brakes hard and may just wind up with a skinned knee.
But then, he's got plenty of company.
Told ya so.

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Laila said...

Good post, and spot on.

Obama-mania swept the nation- and to some extent, our own- like a tidal wave. While one sees the inherent need for hope among a nations people,Obama is still just a man and just another politician full of promises.He will only be as effective as the senate allows him to be. I spoke honestly about this in conversation once and was referred to as racist- although race or colour was never mentioned, just the fact that he is just another politician??!!

Buy American is just the beginning,although I think he'll make an exception when it comes to our oil.