Friday, February 27, 2009

The Right Guy for the Job -Yessiree

So they like bingo in Nanaimo, there's a lot of old people,
I mean, senior citizens, there. So, what?

Why the hell would I put a rail on the deck? That would spoil the view.

The genius that is Mike Harcourt will be safely ensconced in an ivory tower (with railings one hopes), dispensing wisdom on all matters green, livable and sustainable. This can only be a good thing as the brilliant, insightful ideas he will no doubt be contributing to UBC's new "Continuing Studies Centre for Sustainability" and Mayor Happyplanet's "Greenest City Action Team" (those people in Vancouver sure elect some winners, don't they? I have a feeling Action Man is going to be a lotta laffs. But I digress ...) will be incorporated into reports and learned papers that will be, as such are, studiously ignored by those who actually make the decisions in the real world where things cost money and people don't all want to live in 500 square foot apartments.
At worst, he may spawn a new irritating buzzword.

And really, Mike well away from the levers of power is by far the safest thing for all concerned, isn't it?
Finally, some good news.

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