Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crawl, Britannia

Watch for Mrs Windsor and Phil the Greek to join in the surrender.

Lest anyone doubt the extent to which the gutless British Government has already fallen to stealth jihad, here you go:
Faced with the prospect of more attacks by Muslim jihadis, the UK government is taking to the Pakistani airwaves to plead for mercy.

"Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV
Posted: Feb 10, 2009 at 1542 hrs GMT
The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain ..."

This is just the latest act of abject dhimmitude sprung from the twisted mind of British Home Secretary Jacqui "Brown Nose" Smith.

"...To further curry favor, the ads will also insist “that British society is not anti-Islam, [and] to demonstrate the extent to which Muslims are integrated into British society. ..."

Sure, tell them how in places like Bradford nowadays any woman, Muslim or not, appearing in public without a hijab is assaulted or worse. That'll get your message across. Also, better make sure the spokesmen are on their knees, just to make sure. I say spokemen as they'd best not let women do the ads, we all know where Islam stands on women. Well, apparently Jacqui doesn't.

"The central theme of the campaign, The Guardian said, "is to assert that there is no contradiction in being a Muslim and being British. ..."

Sure there isn't, as Sharia, and Muslim violence in general, codified and otherwise, are rapidly becoming the law of the land in the UK.

Now, witness how cravenly the British government has grovelled in the face of Muslim threats and barred Geert Wilders from accepting an invitation from Lord Malcolm Pearson to discuss his film Fitna with members of the house of lords in a private meeting.

When Labour's favorite Pakistani fifth columnist, the odious "Lord" Nazir Ahmed threatened to "mobilize 10,000 Muslims" to keep Wilders away (by means of their usual methods, no doubt) rather than remind "His Lordship" of that little matter of the rule of law (or just telling him to go to hell), the British Embassy in The Hague instead sent word to Mr. Wilders that he is persona non grata in the UK.

To his credit, Mr Pearson, oh, right, Lord Pearson (what a load of crap, oh well, its their crap) has shown some rare guts and reissued his invitation to Mr. Wilders, who intends to take him up on it.
"“Let them arrest me in Heathrow,” he says."

Well, the date is set for the 12th, so we'll see if the Brits actually do arrest Mr Wilders on arrival, or if Ahmed and his thugs take to the streets and give the Brits a honking great taste of what disobedience gets them.




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