Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earth to Wally ... Earth to Wally

What, me worry?"

No sooner had Gordie Campbell's Attorney-General Wally Awful set a personal best in Politician Most Out of Touch with Reality then he goes and blows it away entirely.
It seems that Ol' Wall has finally figured out what's at the root of the gang warfare spraying bullets around the Lower Mainland again lately: the public.
Yeah, that's right, Wally figures thee and I know all sorts of gangsters who are up to all sorts of nasty gangster stuff, but we're not turning all these nasty gangsters in.
Well, Wally's really getting all tuff on crime now, yessiree and he has a message: Start turning those gangsters in, folks.
Someone (how about his boss? While he's firing Wally) needs to inform Wally that a) most law-abiding subjects do not know any gangsters, Wally and
b) if they do, they're not going to go to court and testify only to have some judge let the gangsters out to kill them, Wally.
Wally's fun in his goofball way, but he really does have to go.

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