Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bill, Barry and Jer

No, no, there is absolutely no truth to those horrible rumors (and don't we just wonder where they got started?) that these guys have cut a new cover of Papa Was A Rollin' Stone to be played at Obama rallies as Barry hits the stage.
But, looking at those shiny happy faces, one can't help but wonder if we're looking into the future at President Obama flanked by two of his Cabinet Secretaries. Can't you just imagine the possibilities? Talk about change.
And its not as far fetched as you might at first imagine.
Although Barry and his people don't mention it (typical undue modesty I suppose) it turns out Barry does possess some executive experience after all.
And, it turns out, Bomber Bill Ayers was a significant hand up the ladder for Barry in acquiring it, as Stanley Kurtz details in the Wall Street Journal.

One good turn deserves another, friends help friends along, right?


pissed right off said...

Obama would be a disaster. God help America and all of us if he wins!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Welcome, but I must respectfully disagree.
Imho, America is on course for disaster whoever is in the Oval Office.
The only significant difference to my mind is this:
McCain as president strikes me as promising to be quite vanilla.
On the other hand, Barry, the "activist", a complete rook, and earnest (as in 'stupid that's been to university') promises to be comedy gold. Four years of big yucks.