Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Look Ahead With Christy

"12:25 and time for a look ahead to the big show with Christy. Madam?"

"Well, Gord, today of course we'll be all over the federal election campaign. We'll be talking to some farmers in rural southern Ontario who are saying that Stephen Harper is some sort of witch or warlock or whatever you'd call it, they say his last campaign stop in their area their crops withered, their cows began giving sour milk, the whole 9 yards, so that sounds interesting.

Then we'll be looking at Liberal leader Stephane Dion. We're gonna have his auntie on the line long distance, through a translator of course, and we'll see what we can dig up there.

Then Gord we'll talk to a man, Mike, no that's Mark, Mark Marrissen, he runs something called Burrard Communications, but we're not going to talk to him about that, no we're going to get his views on the federal election as a local small business person.

And then, Gord as if all that wasn't enough, I'll be speaking with a client, I mean a spokesperson for Translink ..."

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LailaYuile said...

Ahhh tooo funny - to those in the know.Perception IS everything when personal relationships come into play.