Monday, September 22, 2008

NDP Vow To Get Tough On Crime

The trouble is, the NDP have had opportunities in the past to get tough on crime and, well, passed on them.
Remember Bill C-275 introduced in the Commons November 15, 2004?
Sure you do, Carley’s Law. Yeah, that one, getting tough on drunken drivers. Here's Burnaby-Douglas NDP MP Bill Siksay explaining in an email why he and his party voted against Carley’s Law.:

"Dear Mr. In North Burnaby

Thank you for your recent message regarding Bill C-275.

I did not vote for this bill because I was concerned that it removed the concept of criminal intent from consideration in cases where someone may have left the scene of the accident for innocent reasons. I also have difficulty with mandatory minimum sentences. I believe that there is good reason to allow judges to exercise discretion when sentencing by taking into consideration the particular circumstances of the case. I am also not convinced, from my understanding of the experience of those jurisdictions that have mandatory minimum sentence, that they have been effective in ensuring convictions or in deterring or preventing the crimes to which they are attached. There is also mixed opinion here in Canada as to whether a further extension of mandatory sentences in the area of impaired driving will have the desired effect.

I have attached a copy of the speech made by the NDP's Justice Critic, Joe Comartin, MP, on this bill. Mr. Comartin goes into greater detail on some of the concerns we had with the bill.

It was not easy to vote against this bill given the horrible consequences to far too many Canadians of drunk driving. But I do believe that I did so for very serious reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me on this important issue.

Sincerely yours,
Bill Siksay, MP

Can't you just see Cactus Jack Layton and Buffalo Bill Siksay ridin' into town, roundin' up all the ornery, no-good varmints and packin' 'em off to the hoosegow?
Me neither.

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pissed right off said...

Hahahahah!!!! I love those hats, but these guys are full of it. That email is so full of weezling I almost puked reading it.