Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Time To Shine

Shine up your gelt, BC. Our part of 2010 is to pay and keep out of the way.

Remember when we were first getting conned into ponying up for this olympic boondoggle?
It was going to be BC's "time to shine".
Montreal had their turn.
Calgary had theirs.
Now it could be our turn to not only get in on all the good, clean, drug-free fun and profit (oh yes, profit, so good for the economy) but really show ourselves off to the world.

So, let me see:
The Irishman in charge just loves the Inuit logo the lady from Mexico came up with as do the lady from toronto who's producing the tv, the Aussie who's doing the ceremonies, the little girl from ontario and the ice fisherpersons she was "singing" (allegedly) to ....
Dig the pattern emerging?
BC has been elbowed aside at what was supposed to be our party.

Furlong no sooner got stuck in than we began getting fed this "all of canerduh's games" guff.

Unlike Calgary.
Sure as hell unlike Montreal.
So, what's different this time?

Oh, right, we have a Premier, Gordie Campbell, who is ottawa's lickspittle regardless of what political stripe their government wears. From pine beetles to the Fraser trap to the RAV, no wait, let's call it the canerduh line, Gordie never misses a chance to suck up and sell BC out.
Almost forgot for a moment there.

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pissed right off said...

This is called adding insult to injury