Monday, September 15, 2008

Fumbling Towards Mediocrity

It all starts at the top.
When Dave Nonis got gassed, Aquilini told anyone who'd listen they were going to replace him with someone experienced, someone who was "a proven winner".
Didn't happen.
Gillis, neither a proven winner nor, heaven knows, experienced, then came right out of the chute and told all 29 other GMs the Canucks had no prospects anyone would trade anyone of value for.
Great move, Rook.
Nowadays, of course, Gillis is all excited to see how the great young guys the Canucks have are gonna look this year.
Sure, Mike.
Over the summer, the self-styled "bold moves" man found himself unable to make trades, a situation his being on a number of GMs' shitlists from the previous movie in which he played Sharkie the Agent certainly hasn't helped. No sweat, he'd sign free agents.
When lo and behold, he finds himself unable to attract any prime free agents (Wellwood and Demitra represent 7 more points last year combined than Naslund and Morrison. Big whoop.), we start hearing all this about trading with teams that are over the cap.
Watch for that not to pan out either.
Now we're told he had to have a sitdown with the Sedins because he 'needs to look at guys and see how fit they are, and try to gauge their level of commitment.' Excuse me, did we not all just hear Mats Sundin tell the whole world he hasn't skated since March and 'hasn't really worked out much', which could mean he's done bugger all?
Yet Gillis is quite happy to leave $20 million over two years on the table for Fat Mats the Swedish Hamlet. Some policy, some plan.
No, there won't be much to cheer about in Canuckland this season, but we will hear a lot more excuses. We've already heard plenty, of course, although when Nonis was turfed, Aquilini was very clear there would be no more excuses.
Then, of course, like I said, it all starts at the top.

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