Thursday, March 3, 2011

How About Health Care Fit For A Dog?

Here's the (highly typical) experience of our neighbors when ~ 4:00 pm on a
they discovered their dog had a lump. Vet's office contacted, appointment scheduled for the next morning-
Saturday - dog examined, tissue sample taken, results from lab arrive
Monday - surgery scheduled for
Wednesday - successful removal of tumor, patient home

cost- all in ~$2000 - handled with pet insurance.
Six months (3.5 dog years) later their beloved pet is doing fine.

That's how private enterprise delivers health care to a dog.
Compare and contrast with how government delivers health care to humans.


Larben said...

Well Dave, many elderly Canadians wait in horrible pain for a hip operation, that can take months, but if your name is Jack Layton, apparently you get to go to the front of the line. (granted, the fact that he is fighting cancer may have something to do with it).. It seems to me Buzz Hargrove got flown in from the arctic when he broke something or other; guess the services in the north are not good enough for him.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Another neighbor of ours has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She envies the care the dog (and Layton) got.
One of the guys in our Old Farts' Lunch Club needed to see the heart specialist (there's just the one for all of Fraser Health Region apparently). Most of four months just to get in to see him.
Pathetic, isn't it?