Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Socialist Paradise

Where our state hospitals

and state schools

are surely the envy of Sudan.

Yet I can’t help wondering if we’re doing enuff.

Because while we all understand of course, beyond question, that healing the sick and teaching the children are far, far too important to leave to wicked private enterprise with its evil profit motive and all that unseemly competing for your money (as opposed to just taking it like government does), what about food?

Yeah, that’s right, food. The right to be fed is just as fundamental and universal as the right to wage jihad or have a taxpayer-funded sex change. Read the Charter (cue: choir), you'll see.

Or ask a judge.

How can we accept that some of us are able to dine on steak and scallops (urp- oh, excuse me) while others must make do on mac and cheese?

You know, the late, lamented Soviet Union featured state production and distribution of food. The People’s Glorious System ensured the state-run GUM stores managed to provide quite a few potential patrons with a not-too-rancid fish and a barely half-rotten turnip. When available. They only needed to line up for a few hours a day.

And it was all very public sector, not a whiff of profit or competition - obviously chock full of Social Justice.

Tommy Douglas (cue: choir) would want us to do this (well, this and sterilizing subnormals), so clearly only a hate-filled, far-right extremist could disagree.

Over to you,

Comrade Dix.


Anonymous said...

Where did this facist come from. I have never read such bullshit in my life. Fuck you buddy

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear er, "Anonymous" as per usual. Of course, and that is why you are a spineless evidence free anonymouse minded twit. And off you scamper...

Almost invariably, whenever I see "Anonymous" on my old blog, it's a laughably ignorant logical fallacy prone leftist or Islamofascist creep variant.

And this is a nice blog you have here, Dave. I came via BlazingCatFur via Mark Steyn via the usual traps. [OK, another feeble mouse joke] Five blogging stars.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Thanks very much, Colonel. Most kind indeed.